The large profile of XCalibur's One Knocker lipless crankbait presents heavyweight fish with an opportunity to make the most of their feeding efforts. Burn the One Knocker over grass flats, slow roll it or yo-yo the lure off the bottom. Quickly you'll see why the One Knocker's acoustic performance and vibration cannot be matched. The single large weight presents a new sound to fish with a rhythmic knock instead of multiple BBs rattling. The One Knocker's tungsten-lead rattle will make a difference to highly pressured fish.

XCalibur Length Weight Depth Class
XRK50 2-1/2" 5/8oz #4&#6 VMC Tx3 Sinking
XRK75 3" 3/4oz #4&#6 VMC Tx3 Sinking
XRK100 3-1/2" 1oz #2&#4 VMC Tx3 Sinking

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Best lipless crankbait ive ever thrown, caught endless smallmouth & largemouth on these. all colors are good but the foxy lady is the best

From: Bill: Rockland, NY 8/24/15

Comments: XCalibur One Knocker, 5/8 oz. Caught a lot of bass when visiting San Diego the last several years. Best colors were Ghost, Citrus Shad & Pearl Melon. The One Knocker was more successful than the other lipless lures I used.

From: Steve: Santa Clara, CA 6/26/15

Comments: Had the day of dreams on this bait! Me and my partner had a 31.9 pound stringer I caught four of our keepers on this bait in foxy mama. A 7.15, 7.11, 5.12, 5.1. By myself! And get this he was throwing a red eye shad and not one bite all day untel he switched to one of these! Outstanding bait, but replace the hooks with Trokar!

From: Jayce: Conroe, TX 12/23/14

Comments: Best lipless crank in my box. Great hooks, durable finish, and just plain catch bass. Rayburn Red and Toledo Gold are killer in cold water. Blue Shiner and Ghost have also produced a lot of fish for me.

From: Don: Rockford, MI 9/26/14

Comments: Very nice looking bait, quality hooks, caught some fish on it. I got some of these on sale for $2.99 at a local store in town, but I probably wont purchase anymore because the red eyes fall off in only 4-10 throws. Happened on 3 baits. I only bought chrome blue color so I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

From: Ryan: Wichita Falls, TX 4/6/14

Comments: I was fishing a red eye shad east texas special and my budy was fishing a one knocker blue shiner. i caught one 7 and a couple 4s. but my buddy caught a 9 a 8 two 7s four 6s three 5s and two many 4s to count . this is a really good bait .has a better sound and moves much more water.

From: Clement: TN 3/23/14

Comments: i was fishing with a strike king red eye shad texas cost color and my buddy was fishing a xcalibar one knocker blue shiner almost the same color.and he cought the crap out of them i cought one 7 and a couple 4s but he caught a 9.5 8.2 two 7+ four 6+ three 5+ and to many 4+ to keep count i am definatly sold to this bait and u should to .it doesn't just have a deferent sound but a much more agressive wobble.

From: Clement: USA 3/23/14

Comments: These one knockers from Xcalibur are hands down the best lipless crank bait on the market. I have a box full and sold every red eye shad i owned. I cant even begin to tell you how many fish Ive caught on these.  Chrome black  back and rayburn red are the only colors you need.

From: Chad: TN

Comments: Awesome bait in late September until the ice hits. With the cold coming in Wisconsin and the vegetation dying, this bait makes an awesome presentation with vibration, sound,and flash on rainy, windy, cloudy, and over all crappy days. Caught my personal best large mouth bass with this bait at 20.5in. I recommend the chrome black, gold black, or rayburn red colors. The smaller 5/8 ounce seems to do just fine. The one knocker in my opinion is better than any other rattle trap bait out in the market. It sounds completely different and makes more vibration than sound in turn getting the interest of the fish rather than spooking them away like other obnoxious lures out there.   

From: Alfred: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Comments: I normally don't submit reveiws but I took this lure in royal red to my local lake today and yesterday and let me tell you..Dynamite!! I caught largemouth left and right. Pretty durable paint job and sharp hooks but they bent after 5 or 6 fish because they're aren't that thick.

From: Taylor: VT

Comments: I let my friend use this lure in chrome black color and he caught a 6lb and 4 lb bass with it. I also have the tilapia color and it produces as well. Overall a great bait, would highly recommend this lure to anyone.

From: Ben: Port Charlotte, FL

Comments: This lure in Ghost or Pearl Melon (5/8 oz) is the way to go. I have had the best luck with this lipless crankbait and it seriously produces well in pressured lakes. It also has produced very well in murky ponds. The hooks are great and the finish is durable. I highly suggest you get this lure.

From: Alex: Cleveland, Ohio

Comments: By far the absoulute best lipless crank on the market. IMO == 5/8 Foxy Shad ==

From: Casey: South Louisiana

Comments: I have to order the smaller XRK25 from another place being none available here. Largest fish sofar was a 4 pound bass on that size of lure. They work well.

From: Pat: San Jose, CA

Comments: Caught my Top 3 biggest bass on this! Ive used other lipless crankbaits that worked fairly well but for some reason when I throw this on, I catch the big ones on my first cast! My theory is that normal multiple rattles on other crankbaits seem to just catch smaller/inexperienced bass... but I feel like the bigger/older bass seem to be more attracted to new and unfamiliar sound. Foxy Shad is the only one I have and it works well for me.

From: ShakeDatBassL Orange, CA

Comments: Caught so many big fish with this bait in the Gold/Black color. My biggest gripe would be the strength of the hooks and split rings. After one weed filled cast the bait came out of the water with a bent front hook and a missing back hook due to a bent split ring. Also wish the finish was a little tougher as mine is now splotched with white marks.

From: Joe: Palm Beach, FL

Comments: This bait is the best crank bait there is. Hooks don't need to be changed and has a unique sound that the Bass just tear up.  I personally feel that there is no need for the larger one as the 5/8 will catch huge fish.

From: Micah: Ft Bragg, NC

Comments: Great bait!  The xrk holds up to abuse well.  The finish holds up even on the chrome and gold baits and they come with great hardware out of the need to upgrade hooks or split rings.  Rips through grass very well and flat out catches them.

From: Bryce: IN

Comments: Xcaliber lipless cranks are the only way to go in my eyes. they impress me everytime i throw them and i catch alot on them.

Comments: Great bait, outfished every other lipless crank I have used including the red eye shad. Too bad I lost it soon after I got one, I'll just have to buy more

From: Cameron: McKinney, TX

Comments: it is awsome i was throwimg my net catching shiners and i caught a line and i pulled it in and the trap was on it i havent caught any fish on it but i love the action on it but wat i do with it is let it sink and rip it off   rock piles and weed lins and if i am reeling it in straiht just pop your rod tip

From: Justin: Winter Haven, FL

Comments: This is a quality lure that catches fish. I just wish Tackle Warehouse would stock the smallest XRK-25 model.

From: Pat: San Jose

Comments: Caught an 8.9 LB Large Mouth on guntersville last month on this bait. Great hooks and also has a great paint job. Doesnt peel after a couple fish. 5 star bait for the money.

From: Knoxville, TN

Comments: This one knocker is LEGIT!! I was fishing with a buddy and out fished his red eye shad. I boated 4 fish to every 1 fish that he caught.  Tackle Warehouse is going to be responsible for my wife leaving me, for some reason i don't mind donating 50 bucks a week to you guys.

From: Randy: Elk Grove, CA

Comments: By far, this is the best lipless crankbait I have ever used!! It's my go to bait...The 1st time I used it I was "hooked"! This bait produces a sound like no other...You can hear and feel it through your rod tip...And it casts a mile! The 1st day I used it I landed two 8lber's two 5lber's and several 3lber's in less than 90 mins of fishing...The knocker pulls big bass out of cover even when it's hot and humid....I love it!!!

From: Shark: Where Blue Angels Fly, MD

Comments: First off, Ive never been a fan of lipless crankbaits, and to be honest, had never even tried them. I considered them "snag magnets". This spring, all of the opinions changed. Bought a couple of these XCalibur one knockers, and needless to say, well worth a try. 4 Fish over 18 in 48 degree water, 20 mile an hour winds, and leaving all other fisherman clueless as I pulled fish after fish from basically below thier own boat. Red eyed shad comes close, but this new one knocker kicked the red eyed shad up and down the lake when me and my buddy threw side by side. Ghost, and Pearl Melon. Game over for big bass in high pressured lakes. Thanks for turning me into a lipless believer. Good luck!

From:Sytsma: Oskaloosa, IA

Comments:Caught two personal bests in the same evening using this lure. Also, I like when I don't have to change out the hooks on a crankbait, thankfully this is one of those baits.

From:Rick: Palo Alto, CA

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