There are several factors that you can change to make yourself a better bass fishermen; more dependable reels, more sensitive rods, stronger, tougher lines, and more productive lures, but it all comes down to sticking a hook in the fish's mouth. That's where Excalibur's Rotating Treble Hooks come in. These hooks start out by being sticky-sharp so that whatever touches them sticks to them, giving you a chance to set the hook, but the key difference is the design of the bend. Instead of curving straight down to the shank these hooks take a twist as they bend down, so as they penetrate, the entire hook rotates and grabs hard so they become very difficult for the fish to throw. How many times have you seen a big bass come up to the surface and just shake it's head and watched helplessly as your crankbait or other hardbait goes flying? Help yourself eliminate thrown lures and lost fish with these premium hooks designed for fishing for bass with hardbaits. Available in all the popular sizes, when it's time to replace hooks try some of these.

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Comments: have used these hooks since they came out these go on every hard bait i buy i have stocked up lately because they are almost impossible to find anymore you should to

From: Mike: Paoli, IN 3/28/15

Comments: Great hooks over all but wish tackle warehouse would get their salt water hooks. The salt water hooks are even sharper stronger and do not rust but they can be very difficult to find any more.

From: Bill: WI 9/30/14

Comments: These hooks flat out work great.  Would be better if they made a short shank version but can be used on most baits.  Also the they are now not as strong as the black version they put out a few years ago.  Good for open water cranking.

From: Jeff: Franklin, MA

Comments: Other hooks don't compare, if the fish touches the bait, the most likley result is the fish is coming in your boat.

From: Steven: Ontario, Canada

Comments: UPDATE REVIEW. These hooks rust. I put them on baits last fall, stored them in a Flambeau zerust tackle box for the winter, never touched the water once, and they are starting to rust. I will not be buying anymore hooks from Xcalibur.

From: Dean: British Columbia, Canada

Comments: These are the hooks on the Xcaliber lures I'm pretty sure. If so use caution not to get hooked yourself lol. They are almost too good in that it doesn't take much for that barb to get buried in the finger.  I give these hooks a good rating based on my fishing with the one knocker lure. The fish stay hooked well.

From: Pat: San Jose, CA

Comments: Only way to go! Rarely lose fish on these hooks!

From: Geoff: Monmouth, IL

Comments: I am quite please with the performance of these affordable hooks. I have put them on most of my topwater baits  and can say that they do the job very well.

From: Dean: British Columbia, Canada

Comments: Awesome replacement hooks. They have a slightly heavier gauge, and needle sharp points. You still lose fish occasionally, but most are hooked incredibly solid. I don't know if it is because of the offset nature of the trebles but whatever the reason, these hooks hold fish as good or better than any other.

From:  Michael: Nashville

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