The Xcalibur XCS Square Lip Silent Crankbait is exactly what you need when bass are finicky and holding in shallow cover. It doesn't have a rattle, so it can sneak up on fish and trigger vicious strikes with its wide, seductive wobble and semi-roll.  Its square bill design also allows it to bump-and-run through all types of cover - shallow wood, rocks, weeds, etc. Equipped with Tx3 inline hooks that ride up against the body to reduce snags, as well as, the buoyancy to float up and out of obstructions, the Xcalibur XCS Square Bill Silent Crankbait is also now available in unique, new colors - designed by the likes of top bass fishing pro's, 2008 Bassmaster Classic Champ, Alton Jones, and BASS Elite stars, Edwin Evers and Timmy Horton.

XCalibur Silent
Square Lip
Length Weight Depth
XCS 100 2" 1/2oz 0-3ft
XCS 200 2-3/4" 5/8oz 0-3ft
XCS 300 3" 3/4oz 0-3ft

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Customer Reviews

Comments: these are amazing caught a 6 pound largemouth amazing for the money a lot cheaper then jackall ask and lucky craft.

From: Ryan: Roseland, NJ 6/19/15

Comments: These are easily my favorite crankbaits that I have used. I was a big fan of the Strikeking KVD's but after constantly breaking the bills off and getting the hooks tangled on my line I decided to give these a try. So far I have yet to break the bill on the one I have and I've caught numerous fish with it. It has a nice tight wobble and has a slow rise when stopped that bass love. Foxy Lady is the color I have and plan to get more especially when you can find them on clearance.

From: Mitch: Brownsburg, IN 4/22/15

Comments: These squarebills are Bangin! They come with decent hooks & hardware & the weigh more than the average crankbait of the same size. Last year during prespawn in early April I was ripping squarebills out of isolated weed beds & had a 3lb 12oz LM come out and violently eat my crank. Great little crank and cheaper than a megabass or Lucky Craft

From: Jordan: RI 2/24/15

Comments: found a few on sale at wallyworld and never had luck on any crankbaits till I was having a slow day and put it, must of caught 30 fish on Tennessee special and foxy lady the next week alone in a small pond. I can't tell u how many 5 pounders I landed. I am a believer in these. I've picked up most of the colors since then and stocked up on my fav colors. For me this has been a game changer from the normal senko only strategy.

From: Jeff801: TX 1/30/15

Comments: I own 4 of these bad boys and they have become my favorite squarebill by far. Have caught many many bass including a 6 on the fire tiger, which also kills in ponds. If you haven't tried these you need too. Gander mountain usually has a couple on sale somewhere. Got 2 yesterday for 4 dollars each.

From: Parker: AL 1/3/15

Comments: love love love these cranks!! Picked up 2 from gander mountain for no good reason when they were on sale for 2 for 6 dollars. Have caught more than any other crankbait for me. Even caught my PB yesterday. Fire tigers the way to go to imitate bream

From: Parker: AL 11/24/14

Comments: Love these cranbaits. Plan on replacing all my kvd's with them. The rayburn gold, the only color I have right now, catches big bass. Can't wait to try the others.

From: Drew: NM 9/6/14

Comments: XCS 300 black back chartreuse is a killer once the water warms up a bit! so basically spawn and post-spawn, caught a lot of hawgs on these lures, they work wonders in cold water as well in shallow ponds or lakes

From: Stephen: Manchester, CT

Comments: The thing that sets this bait apart from the competition is that the two inch bait is a little heavier than most and casts like a bullet.  Easy for pitching under limbs, or covering a lot of water.  Awsome action even at the slowest speeds.  Largemouth, smallmouth and pike flat out eat this bait! My most productive crankbait period.

From: paparalph: Hayden, Idaho

Comments: Catch alot of great bass on the Tennessee Special on Toledo Bend. When the fish are not active this will get them fired up!

From: Zach: Many, LA

Comments: grabbed a couple about a year ago for no good reason. They rode around in the boat for a while, then one day I tied one on and was like WHOA. Yet another good squarebill, silent but deadly.

From: meatwad: squaresville

Comments: one of the only cranks i have used for large mouth bass and i am catching 50 % more fish every time i go fishing, also catch quite a few muskies on it

From: Nick: WI

Comments: Most of the time I fish tidal rivers and I like to fish shallow. This is my favorite shallow water crankbait. I catch nice largemouth with it as well as other species of fish.

From: Larry: Toano, VA

Comments: i love these baits so much better then the kvd 1.5 by far

Comments: Great lure but They need to make one that runs a little deeper than this one. The fish love it when it bounces

From: CA

Comments:  these squarebills are awesome!! the only drawback to them which is common problem on most cranks are the quality of the hooks. i change mine out and swap them for gamkatsu short shank trebles size 4 on the xcs 100 other than that its a great bait!!!

From: Wade: AL

Comments: Cannot say enough about these cranks. Run true straight out of the box, immaculate color schemes/finish, good hooks. Citrus shad and TN special are my go to baits. I will definitely be buying more. Easily the best affordable shallow crankbaits on the market hands down.

From: 16 year old bassmaster: Up on the lake, MN

Comments: Xcalibur makes some of the best cranks for the money...I love that they are a silent crank-bait...And they produce a ton of fish in my local waterways...I've used them in tourneys, and they have delivered when nothing else would get touched...This is the only lure, I feel, comes close to Lucky Craft (and I love LC Cranks but they are soo over priced!), so for half the price, Xcalibur is the way to go!...The hooks are super tacky and overall the lure holds up well through the abuse after a long day on the water...Definitely worth the 7 bucks...TN Special works best for me...Even though most of the colors will work at one time or another...!

From: Shark: Where Blue Angels Fly

Comments: I bought two of these at my local tackle store and both of them had a crack in the center of the square bill lip ?  Xcalibur does not respond to emails so ye Im pretty bummed about this. Just hope the square bill doesn't break when i throw it in a upcoming smallmouth bass competition

From: Tyrone: South Africa

Comments: Closest thing to the RC series I have found for under 7 bucks. These dudes work.

From: Little Rock, AR

Comments: These little cranks are clutch. The colors and finish of these lures are primo. A little bit more than the KVD cranks but take the price of hooks you have to replace and your running about even. I own both KVD and XCalibur cranks, both GREAT cranks, I just prefer XCalibur. Dont hesitate to try both! Tight lines!

From: Matt: IA

Comments: I have three of these crankbaits, and I think they swim just as well as any Lucky Craft BDS-3 or BDS-4 that I've fished. These baits swim great and come through cover very well. The price of these baits is much more affordable than the Jackall and Luck Crafts. I had a little trouble throwing the smaller models with baitcasting equipment, so I put a strip of lead tape on the belly near the tail hook to solve the problem. 

From: John: Lexington, KY

Comments: these are some of the best square bills available. perfect for fishing docks and lay downs because they run right in the strike zone. highly recommended.

From: Kurt: NJ

Comments: These are one of the best squarebill cranks I have used!  Though it would be nice if they were offered in both silent and rattle versions, they are still excellent.  The textures and paint rival those made by some of the more expensive 'craft'ers.

From: Bill: Flatwoods, KY

Comments: My new favorite shallow water crankbait! Only seven bucks and you don't need to replace the stock hooks. Great weight, action, and colors. Don't hesitate to pick up a few.

From: Mark: Spokane, WA

Comments: These are great crankbaits I fish brackish water and have caught lots of bass and redfish on this bait and even with the beating from the reds it still runs true

From: Jeff: Beaumont, TX

Comments: Awesome crankbait.  Made just as well as $15 versions.  Caught several on the foxy shad size 100.  Great out of the box hooks too.

From: Paul: Chesapeake, MD

Comments: I agree with the Salaunch special this bait is amazing I got 27 of them there awesome.

From: Kyle: Milford, IN

Comments: These baits are amazing. I throw these cranks in tournaments with confidence. It is my go to bait. I like to call it the Salaunch special

From: Damon: Milford, IN

Comments: The Quality of these baits for the price are second to none. The Xcs100 Foxy Lady simply puts fish in the boat. It wont catch you huge fish but if you wanting to put a 5 solid keepers,12-14lbs in the boat in a short time this is your bait.

From: Chattanooga, TN

Comments: Not to bad of a lure could be better. after you put hooks on it that will not get caught on the bill when casting every cast makes it good but not great. KVD squares are better for the money.

From: Joe

Comments: Wonderful little flatbill Cranks. They simply cannot be beatin without having to go pay fifteen plus dollars for a Lucky Craft.

From: Knoxville, TN

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