XCalibur Xr50 Rattle Bait - $6.99

The XCalibur Xr50 Rattle Bait brings them in from far off with super-loud rattles and a tight, precision-tuned wiggle. The Xr50 lipless crank is design to cast like a bullet and emits an awesome amount of vibration at a death-cry-of-a-minnow pitch. The Extreme detail and high-sheen finish makes the XCailbur Rat L Trap style bait a big bass bait.

XCalibur Length Weight Class Hooks
Xr50 2-1/2" 5/8oz Sinking #4&#6 VMC Inline Tx3

Treble Hooks

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XCalibur Xr50 Rattle Bait

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  • Blue Chrome/Org
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  • Blue Shiner
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  • Chrome Black
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  • Citrus Shad
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  • Foxy Lady
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  • Foxy Momma
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  • Foxy Shad
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  • Ghost
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  • Gold Black
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  • Rayburn Red
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Comments:  I've tried so many lipless crankbaits with mixed results. I have a huge box full to prove it. The one bait that consistently performs is this one. I can't even begin to guess why, but it just produces consistently. Ghost color in clear natural lakes, royal red in dirty river systems in spring, foxy shad, gold/black and chrome black almost any time.

From: Brian: Oak Forest, IL 12/26/14

Comments: This rattletrap is ridiculous!!! In a good way. The paint job is amazing, and for the money I have not found a better rattletrap on the market. My buddy caught his personal best on these. Only complaint I have on these is that the hooks are a little small and I tend to lose fish sometimes but other than that they are absolutely great.

From: Nick: USA 6/11/14

Comments: This bait caught me my personal best striper when I was actually fishing for large mouth. Just goes to show how versatile this bait it. My new go-to lure, pick one up, and go and catch fish! tight lines.

From: Justin: Delta, CA 3/27/14

Comments: I have tried many lipless cranks that cost much more than this one but I keep coming back.  There is always one tied on in my boat no matter what time of year.  I'm a little torn about the paint job. I'm not sure if it is a little weak or it's the large number of fish it catches that takes the paint off.  Either way, they still work and work well.

From: Justin: SC

Comments: The real damn deal when it comes to lipless biznaits. This one does it all. You are not a serious lipless bait lover unless you own 3,238 of these. Let those other guys stick with their red eye shads that everyone else uses, I'm throwing the Ex.

From: meatwad: jerkyville

Comments: This one of the best rattle traps on the market, they have a variety of superb colors and is a killer bait in the fall when bass are schooling on shad. i have caught a number of 5 pluses on this bait. Rayburn red, foxy momma and foxy lady are great colors.

From: Matthew

Comments: These are THE BEST rattle baits ive ever used! great vibration durable finish good hooks and they run true at any speed. I wish tw would carry the 1/4 oz size though!

From: Nic: USA

Comments: All time best lipless crankbait. You can burn it with a 7:1:1 and will still run true. Great hooks, great weight options, the pain job is amazing. I have hooked lots of gar and they can barely scratch it. This lure, will last you a very,very long time

From: Tristen

Comments: Best lipless rattlebait by FAR!!! Here in Florida, we have a lot of grass and this bait has the best sound, wiggle, and paint jobs you can as for! I throw just about ANY color too! Gold black, BlueChrome/Org, and Oxbow, and Royal Shad are some of my go-to colors!

From: Jaay: Lake Alfred, FL

Comments: Best trap on the market by far. Great vibration and rattle. Several awesome colors as well. Citrus shad and foxy lady are 2 of the best on the tennessee river. Also rayburn red seems to shine on guntersville. Great quality lures as well. Really fun bait to fish with.

From: Will: AL

Comments: Royal Shad is definately a killer on Gville. These are where its at when it comes to Rattle Baits.

Comments: The bass are sure to slam these!  The Royal Shad color is deadly on Guntersville.

From: Bill: Flatwoods, KY

Comments: Excellent bait, when I cant catch anything I tie one of these on and within the first 10 minutes of tying it on I usually catch a bass or two.

Comments: by far much better then any of the strike king red eye shads, when the bass are finicky i would rather use a 1 knocker than a silent strike king kvd one.

From: Nick: IL

Comments: This is best lipless crankbait on the market without a doubt.  It catches fish all over Michigan lakes...north and south.  It is an amazing choice for Smallmouth Bass (especially the Blue Shiner color).  Both me and my brother-in-law have spent a lot of money trying to find a lipless that will out perform this...NOTHING HAS COME CLOSE!!!  The rattles emit a sound unlike any other bait out there.  A must have!

From: Matt: Michigan

Comments: I bought one two days ago and went night fishing last night and caught an 8 pound large mouth bass on the second cast.  The fish could not resist it!

From: Luke: Abilene, TX

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