The XCalibur Xr75 Rattle Bait brings them in from far off with super-loud rattles and a tight, precision-tuned wiggle. The Xr75 lipless crank is designed to cast like a bullet and emits an awesome amount of vibration at a death-cry-of-a-minnow pitch. The Extreme detail and high-sheen

XCaliber Length Weight Class  Belly Hook Tail Hook
Xr75 3" 3/4oz Sinking #4 Tx3 Inline Treble #6 Tx3 Inline Treble

Treble Hooks

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These are the best lipless crankbaits around.  They have good action at all speeds, and always run true.  I throw the foxy lady color in lakes with bluegills, and bust big bass.  Red Eyes are no comparison.

From: Zack: WV

Comments: The only rattlebait in my box, sold all others I had including Red Eye shads.  Threw a Red Eye for a few casts then cut it off and tied a XCalibur on, no comparision!  They are ready to roll right out of the box!

From: Brad: Louisville, KY

Comments: Again, this company makes high hard baits that perform well, and catch fish at lower prices.  There's no good reason to pay twice as much for baits that perform no better.  Along with Bill Lewis Rat-L-Traps and Cordell Spots, these baits give great results for schooling bass when the shad bite is on.

From: John: Lexington, KY

Comments: Great rattles, tight vibration and nice assortment of colors.  Have been very successful using these for smallies and have landed some great pike as well.  A must have!

From: Bonz: Vermont

Comments: This is a sick bait. Its caught me many Salaunches. This bait will put the salaunch in your boat.  through it and watch the salaunch come up from the depths. go get your self a salaunch while chucking this bait around. Salaunch!!!

From: Damon: Milford, IN

Comments: Awesome bait you wont be disappointed. p.s.caught many fish.

From: Lawson: Covington, tN

Comments: Without a doubt the best rattle bait i've thrown.  i've caught some very nice bass on these lures.  they cast like a bullet and are LOUD! i also like the 1/2 ounce one knockers too.

From: Dan: West Virginia, USA

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