If you're fishing in stained or muddy water, the bass may not see your lure. To make sure they do, try adding an Excalibur Glass Worm Rattle to your bait for a sound bass can locate. These are premium rattles with steel beads and glass tubes for great sound whenever your bait moves. The Excalibur Glass Rattles are offered in three sizes for any bait, with different noise levels. If you're buying the Terminator Snap Back super plastic baits, they are made with a rattle chamber built-in that will accept these rattles perfectly. With the Excalibur Rattles you can have confidence that the bass know your bait is in the water and exactly where it is. For you, that means more bites!

10 per pack

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Comments: I put some of these in my spro frog and ever since I have caught fish on them I highly recommend to put them in a frog

From: Connor: AR

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