The XCalibur Xr50 Real Gill produces the well-known fish-catching action of the Xr series - with its super loud rattles and tight, precision-tuned wiggle.  Now it also boasts a super realistic bluegill and panfish look, thanks to a detailed, multi-step painting process that creates a more 3-dimensional appearance than other lipless crankbaits on the market.  Red 3D eyes add to the presentation, and the bait’s Tx3 in-line hooks are designed to ride up against the body to reduce snags.  Available in several patterns, there’s a perfect XCalibur Xr50 Real Gill for almost all fishing conditions.

XCalibur Length Weight Class
Xr50 Real Gill 2-1/2" 5/8oz Sinking

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: What a knock off! Rat-L-Trap came out with these colors in the High-Def line in 2009 and Xcalibur copied them precisely. I've seen companies knock off a color, but a whole color!

From: Joe: Birmingham, AL

Comments: great bait! i loved the colors when they came out and finally brought my self to buy one and love it. i got the blue racer and have had it for a week now and have easily caught 15 pounds on it in 2 days. a great buy and good hooks. will buy the pumpkin seed soon.

From: Jonathon: Nashville, TN

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