Xtreme Reel Lube uses Empire's Micro polymer lubrication technology that bonds to the surface structure, while protecting moving parts and reducing friction. Xtreme Reel Lube dissolves grease, oil and salt residue on contact and displaces moisture. Extreme Reel Lube penetrates deep to free and lubricate moving parts. The lube then dries to a slippery micro coating that resist salt, moisture and corrosion. Xtreme Reel Lube is the ultimate micro dry lubricant for all fishing equipment.

*It's slipperier than grease and oil
*Freezes at -400 degrees
*Burns at +1000 degrees
*Displaces water and resist salt

Use on:

Fishing Reels: Bearings, Gears & Springs
Fishing Rods: Guides & Line Rollers
Tackle: Hooks, Splits Rings & Swivels
Tool's & Boat: Pliers, Multi-Tools, Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Hinges, Locks, & other fishing equipment

Please Note: 8oz bottle features a different push-button top and bottle than the one pictured. Bottle pictured is the 2oz.

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Customer Reviews

Comments:  It works better as a grease remover than it does a lubricant.  If you put it on your bearings it will make your lures fly super far on casts but this stuff is so volatile it doesn't last more than an hour before the next application is needed.  With that said, I have brought back some really old reels from the dead.  I soak all the metal parts that have gummed up from old dried up grease and it just melts away.  I love it for removing grease out of old bearings or new bearings from the factory. 

From: MaxZmus: San Diego, Ca

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