Xzone Lures Slammer 8pk

The X Zone Slammer built its reputation in the Northern lakes, helping anglers crush huge smallmouth bass. 100% true hand-poured baits, X Zone’s hand-pouring process delivers unmatched quality and action. Salt impregnated with a soft texture and incredible hatch matching colors, it’s no wonder many of the Elite Series pro's turn to the X Zone Slammer when they head North.  

Far from just a Northern smallmouth bait, however, it’s accounted for quality bags and tournament wins all over the USA and Canada by largemouth and smallmouth anglers alike. Its unique shape and action allow it to mimic a wide variety of bass forage - from minnows, shad, and shiners to sculpin, gobies, and leeches. The X Zone Slammer is also deadly on variety of rigs, including drop shots, shakey heads, football heads, darter heads, split shots, and more!

Length Quantity
4" 8

12 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: One heck of a bait. Has the right action. Perfect shape to imitate a goby , baitfish or even a craw. Outstanding durability and glad to have found them here!

From: Aaron: Barrie, Canada 3/6/14

Comments: Not impressed..The plastic is to firm. PowerTeam Lures Hammer Shad is similar design and has much better action in the tail + softer..I bought a few packs of these and can say the bigger ones have alright action but the mini version stink.

From: Corbin: Hamilton, Canada 2/27/14

Comments: One Awesome Bait!!! If you are in the hunt for big smallmouth use the Slammer. You can't go wrong when you use this bait. I have used many drop shot baits before, but now I only use Xzone baits. If you want big smallmouth use the Slammer. Thanks Mark for one Awesome bait.

From: Nathan: Brooktondal NEW YORK

Comments: Nice dropshot bait. Durable and smallies love them

From: Nick: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Comments: Canadian magic right here...cant believe they're on tw now...amazing on a drop shot or dragged on the bottom on a shaky head

Comments: These are the best dropshot baits on the planet, I have been using them on lake Erie for years.  Not too many guys knew about them but that is all over with now.  O well, buy them these things are freakin awesome!!!

Comments: In case you are unsure if they will work in clear western lakes, I can attest to their effectiveness in BC lakes with over 20' of vis.  Smallies and largieslove them on a drop-shot or C-rig, so I do too.

From: Chad: Black Creek, BC, Canada

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