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Xzone Lures is a Canadian soft plastic lure manufacturer known for making baits that consistently produce tournament-winning bags north of the border. A proven bait in the goby-rich waters of southern Ontario, the Xzone Slammer has helped skyrocket the popularity of the drop-shot rig. Molded from a durable yet pliable plastic, the Xzone Slammer is lined with ribs, offering a life-like and natural undulation. Impregnated with salt, fish bite and won't let go. Available in a variety of colors, the Xzone Slammer is a great choice when targeting fish on offshore structure.

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Comments: One heck of a bait. Has the right action. Perfect shape to imitate a goby , baitfish or even a craw. Outstanding durability and glad to have found them here!

From: Aaron: Barrie, Canada 3/6/14

Comments: Not impressed..The plastic is to firm. PowerTeam Lures Hammer Shad is similar design and has much better action in the tail + softer..I bought a few packs of these and can say the bigger ones have alright action but the mini version stink.

From: Corbin: Hamilton, Canada 2/27/14

Comments: One Awesome Bait!!! If you are in the hunt for big smallmouth use the Slammer. You can't go wrong when you use this bait. I have used many drop shot baits before, but now I only use Xzone baits. If you want big smallmouth use the Slammer. Thanks Mark for one Awesome bait.

From: Nathan: Brooktondal NEW YORK

Comments: Nice dropshot bait. Durable and smallies love them

From: Nick: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Comments: Canadian magic right here...cant believe they're on tw now...amazing on a drop shot or dragged on the bottom on a shaky head

Comments: These are the best dropshot baits on the planet, I have been using them on lake Erie for years.  Not too many guys knew about them but that is all over with now.  O well, buy them these things are freakin awesome!!!

Comments: In case you are unsure if they will work in clear western lakes, I can attest to their effectiveness in BC lakes with over 20' of vis.  Smallies and largieslove them on a drop-shot or C-rig, so I do too.

From: Chad: Black Creek, BC, Canada

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