The Yamamoto 5" Single Tail Hula Grub is a bulky moving target that is effective year around. The Yamamoto Single Tail Hula Grubs are the choice for many anglers especially in the coldest months of the year when it's hard to provoke dormant bass to strike. The Hula Grub can effectively target multiple strike zones and can mimic a variety of different baits bass find irresistible. The multitude of colors available for the Single Tail Hula Grub adds to its versatility. Great for flipping, Texas rigging, pitching, Carolina rigging or on a football jig, the Single Tail Hula Grub is a great bait to always have in your arsenal.

Length Quantity
5" 10

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: They look really good in pictures but are very difficult to get on a jig head and often the bait doesn't swim properly.

From: Bradley: Montreal, Canada

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