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Yamamoto Craw 10pk - $6.69 to $6.99

The skirted front of the big six-inch Yamamoto Hula Grub can be just too wide at times to make its way through the thickest of cover. That's when Yamamoto opts for his 5" 3-series Crawdad. Not having the wide hula skirt up front, the pencil-thin end of the Texas-rigged Xrawdad slips through dense cover that the broad front of the hula grub cannot penetrate easily.

In addition, some pros say the Yamamoto 5" Craw is the perfect rubber skirted jig trailer, and they have the big bass prize money to prove it too. Pinch an inch off to better match your jig size.

Length Quantity
4" 10
5" 10

Comments: I gotta agree with bass fisher on this one, waveworms tiki craw. Ive been literally fishing the yamamoto craw vs tiki craw side by side carolina rigging it for 3 weeks now and the the tiki craw just barely  edges this thing. my big complaint is the durability of these things. they just seem to fall apart.  that being said, watermelon bk red flake in the 3.75" carolina rigged has been loading the boat for me.

From: Slade: CA 6/21/14

Comments: Try the waveworms tiki grass craw on sale this looks just like it and cheap

From: bassfisher: San Diego, CA

Comments: This is my favorite jig trailer for giant bass in clear, cold water. The black and blue laminate color was great, but I don't see it here any longer.

From: Andrew: Southeast, KY

Comments: Incredibly effective as a finesse jig trailer when the bass aren't very active and won't hit more active jig trailers. The action is subtle but it absolutely works when fished slowly. I personally like to cut off an inch from the tail when using the 5" craw on a trailer.

From: James: Illinois, USA

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Black Body Blue Tail
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Yamamoto Craw 10pk

7 Available Colors

  • Black Body Blue Tail
    Size Stock Price Qty
    4" 4+ $6.69
    5" 4+ $6.99
  • Black Body Red Tail
    Size Stock Price Qty
    5" 4+ $6.99
  • Black Lg Bl Flk
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3.75" 10/09 $6.69
  • Fading Watermelon w/ Bk Flk
    Size Stock Price Qty
    4" 10/09 $6.69
  • Grn Pump Org Tip
    Size Stock Price Qty
    4" 4 $6.69
  • Grn Pumpkin Bk Flk
    Size Stock Price Qty
    4" 4+ $6.69
    5" 4+ $6.99
  • Watermelon Bk & Rd Flk
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3.75" 4+ $6.69
    4" 4+ $6.69
    5" 4+ $6.99

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