Yamamoto Football Jig Head Gamakatsu 4/0

Football jig heads are the perfect complement to spider jigs and these Yamamoto Football Heads are a perfect match for the Yamamoto Hula Grubs. The Yamamoto Football Jig Heads come with two different hook choices, a heavier wire, longer shank Gamakatsu hook and a lighter wire, shorter shank Owner hook. Although the Gamakatsu hook is listed as 4/0 and the Owner hook is 5/0 due to the differences in measuring hook size between the two companies, both these hooks have the same gap. In other words, they both have the same distance between the point and the shank. The plastic spider jigs stay firmly in place with ring type bait keepers so you won't pull the plastic down even when dragging it over a rough bottom.

The football heads with the heavier wire Gamakatsu hook range in size from 3/8oz to 1 1/2 ozs. This configuration of heavy hook and heavier weights make them more suitable for quickly and efficiently covering lots of deep water structure without much brush or vegetation. The Owner hook football heads are more suitable for areas where you may hook into sticks since the lighter wire will straighten out and you can get your spider jig back when fishing with heavy lines.

3/8oz - 1oz - 5pk
1.5oz - 3pk

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Yama Football Jig Head Gamakatsu 4/0 1oz $3.69 5+
Yama Football Jig Head Gamakatsu 4/0 1.5oz $3.69 1

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