Yamamoto Football Jig Head w/Weedguard 4pk - $3.69

This Yamamoto Football Jig Head with a Weedguard features a 35-degree bend lead head that helps mitigate the tendency most football jigs have to rotate, and results in more of a straight pull. The sticky sharp 4/0 Heavy Wire Gamakatsu Hook also features a wide bite and super sharp point for quality hooksets at any depth. Gamakatsu Hooks offer sport fisherman the ultimate in design, the finest quality steel and unequaled craftsmanship. The truncated cone and lead shank keeper are designed to hold that dynamite full Teaser Skirt (11-20) and grub combo. The Yamamoto Football Jig Head with Weedguard's wire guard provides heavy-duty snag protection and can be easily bent to your preference.

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Yamamoto Football Jig Head w/Weedguard 4pk

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Football Jig Head w/Weedguard 3/8oz $3.69 3
Football Jig Head w/Weedguard 1/2oz $3.69 4+
Football Jig Head w/Weedguard 3/4oz $3.69 08/03
Football Jig Head w/Weedguard 1oz $3.69 4

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