Yamamoto Gary's Swim Jig 3pk

The Yamamoto Shaky Head Jigs feature a unique line eye placement which allows the jig to travel cleanly through weeds and brush. It also allows the angler to swim the jig with less resistance and a more realistic action. The tournament-strength Gamakatsu hooks with extra long shanks make weedless Texas-rigging possible in snaggy cover. The Gamakatsu Hooks also feature an exclusive 35 bend, so there is more gap between the eye and the hook point to increase hookups and provide a better swimming action.

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Gary's Jig 1/4oz 5/0 $3.69 3
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Customer Reviews

Comments: Just started using these hooks texas rigged with a crawling grub in heavy cover. No snags and less weeds compared to hooks with the eye on the top of the head.  Will continue to use these for sure.

From: Mark: Machester, NH 9/15/14

Comments: I used it with a soft plastic swim bait and it turns over or on it's side. I do not recommend this for rigging swim baits.

From: Don: Dover, NH 3/17/14

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