Yamamoto Insider Head 5pk - $3.69

Tubes have been a staple bait in the bass fishing world for as long as most of us can remember. Very versatile, you can flip and pitch them or drag them, and they'll put fish in the boat year around. The Yamamoto Insider Head was designed to fit easily inside a tube and provide the balanced, spiraling fall that drives bass crazy. Equipped with an Owner 3/0 Lite Wire Hook for lightning fast penetration, the hook also complement the lure's action and provide a solid wide gap for more positive hooksets. Available in a range of sizes, next time you tie up a tube, make sure its with a Yamamoto Insider Head.

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Yamamoto Insider Head 5pk

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Yamamoto Insider Head 1/4 $3.69 5+
Yamamoto Insider Head 1/8 $3.69 5+
Yamamoto Insider Head 3/16 $3.69 5+

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Comments: These are great tube jig heads. Light wire is a must for this open water technique. Too bad they do not come more to a pack otherwise they would be worth the price. 

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