Yamamoto Pencil Tate

Tate is the Japanese word for “dance,” and as it suggests, the Yamamoto Pencil Tate delivers a graceful walk-the-dog action that makes it appear to be “dancing” across the surface. The Yamamoto Pencil Tate is very easy to manipulate, so much so that even novice anglers can make it sashay in place. In the hands of an experienced angler, the Yamamoto Pencil Tate is incredibly lethal and capable of calling bass up from the depths.

Additionally, the Yamamoto Pencil Tate also employs a hard-knocking internal rattle chamber to grab the attention of nearby fish. As a testament to Yamamoto's extreme attention-to-detail, the Yamamoto Pencil Tate is built with a highly visible 3D holographic chamber and a distinct Yamamoto logo imprinted into the eye. Equipped with Mustad Triple Grip Treble Hooks, the Yamamoto Pencil Tate is sure to help you write the next chapter in your fishing saga.

Gary Yamamoto Length Weight Class
Pencil Tate 76 3" 7/16 Topwater
Pencil Tate 100 4" 9/16 Topwater

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9 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is the easiest bait I have ever used for "walking the dog". I have also caught a lot of fish on it. The side to side action when you twitch it on a slack line, drives fish crazy! Buy one, you'll be glad you did.

From: Scott: Anderson, SC 10/31/14

Comments: definitely get the 3 incher! At 7/16 it casts really dang far. much farther than the heddon puppy, and you know what a huge fan of the spook jr I am. it catches fish, too!  Get it!

From: Bill: Austin, TX 6/8/14

Comments: I must agree these are not as easy to walk as the heddon spook jr...however, the 3 inch model is one to have tied on at all times...sometimes bass just want a smaller bait to attack, and when they ignore a larger size, I throw the 3inch tate...and it does work. Yeah, you really gotta be gentle with your retrieve to make it walk properly. Same with the 4 incher.  This 3 incher fills a size niche that produces for me. Go ahead and get it.

From: Bill: Austin, TX 5/25/14

Comments: I was drawn in by the brand and look of this bait. I was very disappointed when i put this bait to work. I have fished walking baits for over 10 years and this one is one of the more difficult ones to walk. Not impossible but definitely not easy to walk like any of the hedddons or strike king sexy dawgs. I will gladly trade someone for a sexy dawg jr if they wanna try one.

From: Derrick: USA 4/28/14

Comments: I've never been a top water walk-the-dog fisherman, but I picked up one in the 76 size at my local Dick's S.G. 1st time throwing it, this thing cast awesome, and I felt like an immediate pro at the walk-the-dog presentation! great hardware and finish and would recommend this lure to anybody!

From: Greg: Butler, PA

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