Yamamoto Split Shot Hook - $4.69

The Yamamoto Split Shot hook is made exclusively for GYBC by Gamakatsu. With this hook anyone can catch a fish! Just reel 'em in... no need to set the hook! NEW SIZES: Big bass prefer big baits and you need a big hook to handle them! That's why three new large sizes of splitshot hooks have been designed by Gary Yamamoto and manufactured by Gamakatsu exclusively for use with larger sizes of Yamamoto Senkos, large Ikas and large Kut Tails.

15 hooks & 6 swivels per pack

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Yamamoto Split Shot Hook

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Yama Split Shot Hook 1 $4.69
Yama Split Shot Hook 2 $4.69
Yama Split Shot Hook 4 $4.69
Yama Split Shot Hook 5 $4.69
Yama Split Shot Hook 6 $4.69

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Comments: The Gary Yamamoto split shot hook is the best circle hook that I've used.  Most "circle hooks" on the market have kirbed points, which is great if you're fishing for food, but not so great if you're practicing catch and release.  With these,you'll never deep hook a fish...even with live bait.  DON'T SET THE HOOK.  When you feel a bite, just reel with steady pressure and that critter will be hooked right in the corner of the mouth.  These things work. 

From: Brad: Gate City, Va

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