Yamamoto Sugoi Hooks 10pk

Yamamoto Sugoi Hooks 10pk

The Yamamoto Sugoi Hook is custom-designed by Gary, made exclusively for GYBC by Gamakatsu. This hook incorporates an offset shank and a unique hook-point alignment that insures a straight line pull for guaranteed hooksets. Once penetrated, the unique bend makes throwing the hook nearly impossible. The ultimate hook for Tex-posing.

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Yama Sugoi Hook 1 $6.39 3+
Yama Sugoi Hook 1/0 $6.39 3+
Yama Sugoi Hook 2/0 $6.39 3+
Yama Sugoi Hook 3/0 $6.39 3+
Yama Sugoi Hook 4/0 $6.39 3+
Yama Sugoi Hook 2 $6.39 3+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Dissapointment. I went through an entire pack of hooks in a couple of weekends. The points roll over very easily. However, I did put every fish that bit in the boat on these. Great hook ups.

From: Mike: Central, FL

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