Yamamoto Tenkuu Jerkbait

No matter what language you speak, the Yamamoto name means quality. In Japanese, the word Tenkuu means "Sky." Combine them together and you have the name of Yamamoto’s perfectly suspending jerkbait ­ – the Yamamoto Tenkuu Jerkbait. As the name infers, the Yamamoto Tenkuu Jerkbait produces a graceful walk-the-dog action that is so smooth it seems as if it were gliding through the sky.

Externally, the Yamamoto Tenkuu Jerkbait features lifelike 3D paneling, etched gill-plates, and a holographic Yamamoto logo imprinted into the eye. Internally, the Yamamoto Tenkuu Jerkbait is designed with a booming rattle chamber, which emits a distinct acoustic footprint. Offered in a number of highly-realistic colors, the Yamamoto Tenkuu Jerkbait is sure to become a common sight in rod lockers and stowaways everywhere. 

Yamamoto Length Weight Depth Class
Tenkuu Jerkbait 76 3" 1/3oz 2-4ft Suspending
Tenkuu Jerkbait 100 4" 1/2oz 4-6ft Suspending
Tenkuu Jerkbait 110 4-1/3" 3/4oz 6-8ft Suspending

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10 Colors

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    Model No. 82-TEN-100-614
    Albino Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    76 2 $7.99
    100 5 $7.99
    110 2 $7.99
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    Model No. 82-TEN-100-305
    Baby Bass
    Size Stock Price Qty
    76 5 $7.99
    100 5+ $7.99
    110 1 $7.99
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    Model No. 82-TEN-100-607
    Chartreuse Black Back
    Size Stock Price Qty
    100 2 $6.47
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    Model No. 82-TEN-110-611
    Size Stock Price Qty
    76 3 $6.47
    110 1 $6.47
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    Model No. 82-TEN-100-616
    Size Stock Price Qty
    100 3 $6.47
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    Model No. 82-TEN-100-612
    Size Stock Price Qty
    76 5+ $6.47
    100 Sold Out $6.47
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    Model No. 82-TEN-100-613
    Olive Green Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    76 3 $7.99
    100 5+ $7.99
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    Model No. 82-TEN-100-603
    Sexy Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    76 4 $7.99
    100 5+ $7.99
    110 5 $7.99
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    Model No. 82-TEN-100-601
    Silver Black Back
    Size Stock Price Qty
    76 3 $7.99
    100 4 $7.99
    110 3 $7.99
  • View Large
    Model No. 82-TEN-100-602
    Silver Blue Back
    Size Stock Price Qty
    76 5+ $7.99
    100 3 $7.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These will not suspend, I will agree to that 100%. They do however catch quality fish in lake Ontario, and tributaries. I just dont fish them like a suspending jerkbait, a slow jerk, quick pause retrieve has the bass going wild. I've caught dozens of small mouth, and large mouth alike. I also catch ton's of pike on these things to. Not bad for the price, as long as you don't need them to suspend.

From: Joey: Watertown, NY 12/11/15

Comments:  I bought one of these the other day because of how great it looked. The excitement to throw it died though as soon as i dropped it in the water next to the boat. It sank tail end first. So I tried adjusting hook sizes to have it level out. No matter what I did it wouldn't suspend, it just kept sinking tail end first. I also used some of the cranks from Yamamoto and I was not very impressed with them either. I would stick to just using Yamamoto soft baits for now on.

From: Cameron: NC 5/9/14

Comments: Could not get the bait to go more than 2ft of water. Very disappointed. Looks great but that is about it. Go with something else.

From: Calvin: Milwaukee, WI 4/13/14

Comments: Caught a 3 pound Smallmouth on my first cast, after everyone told me the fish werent biting.  Sometimes the lure suspends other times it sinks, either way its erratic behavior was catching fish.

From: Fred: Big Bear Lake, USA

Comments: Looks great out of the water, but in the water..... Not impressed. It's supposed to run at 4-6 ft, but I can't get the bait to dive more than 2 ft. Using 15lb flouro.  Yamamoto soft plastics are the best in the world, but the hard bait needs some work.

From: Ryan: Phoenix, AZ

Comments: Beautiful finish but that's where it ends.They do not suspend at all. They sink tail end first even with added suspend tape to the front. the action is horrible. Glad I only purchased 1 of these!!

From: Ez4u2say: North Carolina

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