The Yamamoto Tubes have many characteristics that make them a staple soft plastic bait in the bass fishing world. The super-fine salt impregnated plastic formula gives the bait an ideal rate of fall and cause bass to hold longer for a more positive hookset. The rubbery rip-resistant walls also don't tear easily, making them great for flipping or pitching into heavy cover. The tentacle tails always separate in water and are cut differently so they won't stick together. The twenty tentacles also greatly increase the surface area of the tail for more vibration and noise as each tentacle wriggles. The Yamamoto Tube Bait's construction also creates an erratic spiral action of the fall and causes the tail to stand up and flare out on the bottom. The long flowing tentacles move with the current and also quiver nervously like real fish fins even when standing still.

The Yamamoto Tubes work great when paired with a dropshot rig, split shot rig or jig. The Tubes provide an elusive darting and hesitating action when jigged and a lazy wavering action on a horizontal glide or pendulum fall. You can also Texas rig the Yamamoto Tube Baits and flip them into heavy cover or power fish them deep with heavy gear. The Yamamoto Tube Baits are available in a variety of colors and three sizes to match your bass fishing pursuits. Gary Yamamoto recommends using the 3" and 3.5" for finesse fishing techniques and the 4.5" for flipping.

Tube Jig Heads

Length Quantity
3" 6
3.5" 6
4.5" 6

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Held up 2 to 6 compared to other brands.  Well made, and well worth it.  Loving the june bug.  First citation smallie on it this past weekend. 

From: Dustin: Richmond, Va

Comments: These things are the real deal. Can easily be rigged on a jig head, or Texas rigged. Watermelon colors work for me the best, but all catch fish.

From: Colorado USA

Comments: Maybe one of the most overlooked baits in the GYCB line. But, like everything the make they are great. I don't like the big bulky double and triple dipped 3.5" tubes it seems like everyone is making now. I have always caught more smallmouth on a plain thin walled slim profile tube, and these fit the part just right.

From: Basswipe: Meatwad's Pond

Comments: They catch a lot of fish and have great colors, but they tear easily.

From: Franklin

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