The Yo-Zuri 3D series of hard baits represent an innovative development in hard bait design. While several manufacturers have used the highly effective laser-etched holographic technology in their hard baits, Yo-Zuri has taken the extra step of protecting the delicate etchings inside the clear, hard plastic sides of the lure. in other words, the laser-etched details are inside the bait where they won't get scratched or ruined when the hook swings along the side of the bait. This technology produces a unique 3D image that produces fish. A tournament level jerkbait, the 3D Minnow 100 has a wide, stable action when fished jerkbait-style, and their incredible 3D finish produces fantastic reactionary strikes. The suspend 3D will dive to a depth of 6 feet and is most effective worked with a jerk-twitch retrieve.

Yo-Zuri Length Weight Dive Depth Class
Minnow (70) 2-3/4" 1/4oz 6 ft Suspending
Minnow (100) 4" 5/8oz 6 ft Suspending

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I would like to say that these lures are awsome for the creeks in broome and in the open waters around to the east  and west, as i catch Barramundi, Mangrove Jacks, Cods, Skipper Jacks, Queenies, Travelley's, flat heads to even fishis like the Blow Fish and more. Though some of these fish were caught in some local spots but all were caught in areas that are secrete spots to me and only found by using live bait to understand what is below the water so that spots like these you would deff know your going to cacth a fish. So as any fisher knows you dont just cast out into the water it is where you cast.

From: Dom: Western Australia/Broome

Comments: For some reason, I really want to love these baits. They look good, they are tough (painted on the inside), they cast great, you can rip them hard and they still run great, they suspend dead still, the price isn't outrageous, but I can't catch a fish on it to save my life.  I have spent hours using this bait to no avail.  The minute I switch over to a rogue, wham. 

From: Gail: Indianapolis, IN

Comments: These are great casting lures with very stable cast flight.  The 1/4 oz 70 mm lures isn't a true suspending lure, it sinks slowly.  The 5/8 oz 100 mm lure is tuned as great suspending lure.  Both lures are level in the water.  They both pull great with decent side to side wobble and will resist hanging up on structure as lure deflects off.  You can fish these lures with confidence.

From: Slipperybob: MN

Comments:I would like to say the clear minnow is a awsome bait. I use this bait to go after redsfish, trout, flounder and bass. The bait delivers awsome results every time. Its hard to find a good lure these days. Thanks for makeing one.

From:Scott: San Antonio, TX

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