The Yo Zuri Edge Trembler Minnow gets its name from the three different flat sides on the body of the bait. This unique "Triad" design creates additional action and allows the Edge Trembler Minnow to reflect light in all directions, like facets of a gem. Combined with the holographic, prismatic coloring, the Yo-Zuri Edge Trembler Minnow creates maximum flash underwater - attracting fish from far and wide. Internal steel balls also provide perfect balance and long casting. This lipless, slow-sinking lure rocks back and forth on the fall and when retrieved creates an erratic underwater walk-the-dog-action. Very versatile, the Yo Zuri Edge Trembler Minnow performs well on variety of retrieves and provides anglers with the advanced features Yo-Zuri is known for across the fishing world.

Yo-Zuri Length Weight Class
Edge Trembler  3-3/8" 1/2oz Sinking

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Fantastic lure, first cast in salt water (shore based - Batemans Bay, NSW) and 3 x 1mtr Kingfish were fighting over it; 3rd cast in freshwater (Lake Windamere, NSW) and it was hammered in spectacular fashion by a hefty 53cm Golden Perch, it then went on to take a hard fighting 56cm Golden Perch shortly afterwards.  Both areas are fished hard and I can't rate this lure highly enough for getting strikes in the middel of the day in such hard fished areas, tie one of these on when nothing else is getting any interest and I can just about guarantee that you'll get into the action, absolutely brilliant!

From: Paul: Batemans Bay, NSW Australia

Comments: This bait was made for specks and reds. Its fall rate is perfect for heavy water, and walks the dog beautifully on a med-quick cadence. The falling/wobble effect is more noticable with the larger model. The 3 3/4in is an ultra lite saltwater lure for sure. They are great search baits. The hooks are very well suited for 6-8lb spinning tackle. Easily works with 10 -12lb casting setups. Casts like a rock. Very crisp action when worked properly. The finish is better/more durable than any twitchbait on the shelf. Well worth the price.

From: Mark: Norfolk, VA

Comments: I am not pleased with this bait, at least not for fresh water.  It sinks like a rock, is weighted poorly, preventing a dog walking action, and in general, it performs poorly. Still, if you want a super aggressive action, you can twitch up fish, but I suppose you could do the same with a lead jig.

From: Steve: Spokane Valley, WA

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