The Yo-Zuri Sashimi Rattl'n Vibe is an innovative take on a proven fish catching design. Yo-Zuri's Sashimi color schemes actually change on the Rattl'n Vibe depending on the angle from which it's viewed. Many bait fish and game fish change colors to blend into their environments or to alert other fish that they are feeding or in distress. The Sashimi color patterns allow the Rattl'n Vibe to actually mimic that color changing behavior. This in turn triggers a bass' curiosity and invokes aggressive strikes. Available in a range of colors, the Yo-Zuri Sashimi Rattl'n Vibe also produces a distinct low frequency rattle that imitates the sound of a dying shad.

Yo-Zuri Length Weight Hooks Class
Sashimi Rattlin' Vibe 3" 3/4oz #4 Sinking

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: good profile, bait ran well at just about any retrieve speed, reel and stop technique allowing the bait to fall worked well without tangling, BUT.... after bumping a gravel bottom a few times the finish (metallic pearl blue) began to peel and didn't stop until it was gone halfway down the bait.  Lucky Craft baits are much more durable and work equally as well for the same money.

From: Don: NY, USA

Comments: Awesome bait. An absolute must for any angler looking for an edge up on the competion

From: Nathan: Texarkana, AR

Comments: this bait runs true as long as ya dont pull too hard otherwise it leans to the side this bait falls nose first at a fast rate with a suttle flutter but at 3/4oz it gets ya into the zone quickly if your fishing deeper water the shashimi can handle size 2 hooks very well these baits work well on the drag & rip the textured sides push more water like a shockwave to thier lateral lines along with the internal rattles for awareness and flashy colors for sight not sure i could tell if the paint changed color at all and bottom line this bait is just WAY TOO EXPENSIVE !!!! over x2 the price it should be.

Comments:Great bait. Its worth the money. The first time out with these baits I caught two 4lb. bass.

From:Michael: Georgia, USA

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