Yum F2 10" Ribbontail Worm 10pk - $2.88

Built with a ribbed front section and a lively backside, the Yum F2 Ribbontail Worm grabs bass’ attention with an unbeatable slithering action and tons of water displacement. Easy-to-rig, the Yum F2 Ribbontail Worm works wonders on a Texas-rig, Carolina-rig, or shaky head. Manufactured using a high concentration of enzymes and natural attractant, Yum’s F2 Ferocity Formula continually disperses attractant throughout the water, so it won’t lose its effectiveness after multiple catches. Scientifically proven to be 30% more effective than other leading brands, the Yum F2 Ribbontail Worm should be a perennial fixture in any angler’s tacklebox. 

Length Quantity
10"  10

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Yum F2 10

2 Available Colors

  • Blue Fleck
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  • Green Pumpkin Purple
  • Mardi Gras
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