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Effective from coast-to-coast and in a wide-range of conditions, the Yum F2 4” Gonzo Grub delivers an irresistible combination of fluttering, flowing action and powerful attractant that big fish can’t pass up. Whether it is rigged on a football head, Carolina-rig, or Texas-rig, the Yum F2 4” Gonzo Grub has a flared-out, full-bodied skirt at one end and a lively twin tail at the other end that will undoubtedly grab bass’ attention.

Super-charged with F2 attractants and salt as well, the Yum F2 4” Gonzo Grub slowly releases it’s essence throughout the water, so it is just as effective on the last cast as it is on the first. Offered in a number of proven colors, the Yum F2 4” Gonzo Grub is a perennial powerhouse that should be a permanent staple in every angler’s arsenal.  

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