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The claws on a crawfish are always moving, and likewise, the claws on the F2 enhanced Yum Craw Chunk never stop. Oversized for a bigger profile, the Craw Chunk’s claws undulate with every movement of the rod or smallest breath of current. The Yum F2 Craw Chunk's realistic, meaty body also makes it a perfect choice for a jig trailer or for flippin' and pitchin' on a Texas-rig. Available in a variety of colors, the Yum F2 Craw Chunk is also supercharged with Yum's F2 attractant, which is scientifically proven to be 30% more effective than the other leading attractant.

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2.75" 10
3.75" 8
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Comments: my favorite jig trailer for early spring! slow fall rate matched with a 1/4 finesse jig! blue fleck is my favorite color! unfortunatly dicks sporting goods doesnt sell them any more =( I found one digging through my tackle! my first open water bass of 2014 came on this! This was after a few trips  with out a single hit from a bass!

From: Mike: Marshfield, MA 3/26/14

Comments: Good trailer if you want a little bit more subtle than a paca chunk

From: Jake

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