The original Yum Dinger became an instant classic when it was introduced, and now the F2 Dinger takes things to a whole new level.  It now features Yum’s F2 Attractant infused into every bait. This highly potent formula was clinically tested by Mississippi State University, and it was shown that bass prefer it by 30% over other leading attractants.  The F2 Yum Dinger catches bass no matter how it’s rigged or retrieved, whether its weightless, wacky rigged, Texas-rigged, etc. - and its also available in a variety of proven colors and sizes to target a variety of conditions.

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4" 15
5" 12
6" 7
7" 7

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Customer Reviews

Comments: No where near as good as the yamamoto doesn't have the same wiggling action

From: Dylan: USA 7/10/14

Comments: Awesome for Texas rigging. Only thing that caught bass on a very slow day. I like the green pumpkin with chartreuse tip for cloudy water and watermelon candy for a lot of the water conditions.

From: Andrew: Grand Rapids, MI 6/18/14

Comments: I bought a pack of these for the first time about a month ago. This was my first senko i ever bought. First cast wacky rigged BOOM a nice largemouth bass smoked it!! Great lure wacky rigged and I highly recommend!!!

From: Ryan

Comments: The YUM dinger has a great tail-wagging action both wacky and texas rigged but I find them to only last one fish while texas rigged. Try the Big Bite Baits Bio stick worm. One worm lasts just about all day plus they're biodegradable.

From: Nick: St. Clair, MI

Comments: i recently bought 2 packs of these f2 dingers one in melon pie and watermelon red flake and i am impressed. You get the same satisfaction as senkos and they are more durable. I Texas rig mine. I wasn't getting as many hits on a wacky rig

From: Alex: Atlanta,GA

Comments: I have used both these and Yamamoto for over 2 years and can honestly say I prefer these 100% over Yamamoto. Whether it's Texas Rig or Wacky Rig, these baits catch fish. They are a lot of more durable than Yamamoto. You're lucky to get 2 fish on a Yamamoto before it completely rips in half. With these you could possibly use one all day, if you're lucky. My favorite color is Green Pumpkin, but my second favorite is Bream when the water is a little stained or if the bass aren't biting Green Pumpkin. Overall great bait and one of my go-to baits. Pick up a pack if you haven't already and you won't regret it.

From: Tyler: Parkersburg, WV

Comments: This bait is by far the best stick bait on the market extremely tough yet still soft for ultimate action, I've caught 3 8 pounders and 1 12 pounder with watermelon red flk texas rigged this is my go to bait! Nice job yum !

From: Preston: buda,texas,America

Comments: Take them in 4 and 5", rig them as you prefer, wacky, light texas, carolina, weightless, you name it. And you'll catch fish !! These are one of my standard "cigar baits" but Z-nail from Zoom, yamasenko, are the two others in my box. However, yum dinger 5" is certainely one of the most versatile and polyvalent bait because of it's lower density. Cheap and efficient ! Don't waste your time and money, chose them !!

From: Fab: France

Comments: Great stick bait...exceeded my expectations. Definitely comparable to a senko, and I think the attractant makes a huge difference, especially if you're fishing at night. Not too crazy about the durability though...its usually been one fish per worm while I've texas rigged them. Hopefully this is just a bad batch or something, but overall a great product that catches a lot of fish for a decent price.

From: Dan: CT

Comments: I've tried these both Texas and wacky rigged and just don't prefer them. The price and durability is definitely there, but these things are lacking action and scent in my opinion. For a cheaper alternative to Gary's, this isn't a bad option but the Strike King Shim-E-Stik is better in my opinion.

From: Marty: Willow Spring, NC, USA

Comments: I love this bait! Tackle warehouse dose not carry my favorite color though.

From: Chandler: Arkansas, USA

Comments: hell yeah these puppys are great. pumpkin seed with chartreuse tip s my favorite color. great action and scent. worth it if you want the big bruisers.

From: Scotty: VA

Comments: Holy Crap these baits work...8 bass in a pond with no structure or pattern and a cold front. wacky rigged 2/0 hook. they smash it!!!nuff said

From: Mitch: WI

Comments: Again Great bait, catches loads of fish but the quality of them are going down. getting them shaped wrong and then they wont move nice in the water

From: Dave: S.A.

Comments: I prefer these over yamamoto senkos because they are cheaper and have f 2 scent and have the same wibble wobble action

From: Bryce: orange county ca

Comments: used a yum dinger today at a slow fishing hole. caught a nice 2 pounder and got one other hit.like it better than the senko cause it's a lot tougher and the way it falls is pretty enticing to the fish.

From: Bob: Kerrville, TX

Comments: This is my fave soft stick bait.Yum should make a shad pattern.And what happened to the forked-tail dingers? I'm almost out!

From: Durt: VA

Comments: Been using these since they released them..only one problem with the new F2 dingers...were in the heck is my watermelon gold flake?? Haven't been to any impoundment in the southeast this color doesn't work! I beg of you yum bring it back I'm almost out of my stick pile!

From: Ricky: Chattanooga, TN

Comments: My favorite bait used to be the fluke. I saw these one day and had to try them. First day, everytime I casted I caught a fish but, unlike other soft baits its very durable and you can flip it around or wacky rig it. It blows flukes out of the water. Great product.

From: Hunter: Dacula, GA

Comments: Deadly lure, out performs senkos in my opinion.

From: Adam: Nassau County, NY

Comments: awesome bait caught 16 fish in two hours i was throwing everything thing i had jigs squarebills spinnerbaits picked this up weightless texas rig awesome.

From: Nick: OH

Comments: Best bait out there!  Caught a 6.2 lb and a 5.5 in one day.  Black and blue flake is the best

From: Andrew: IN

Comments: best bait ever!!!was fishing in a park by my house and after a slow day of fishing decided to do 1 more cast at 8:00 and BOOM!!!landed a 5 pounder in green pumpkin color!will be getting more.

From: Mike: Menomonee Falls, WI

Comments: Love Dingers! I just wish Tackle Warehouse HAD MORE COLORS!!! Please get at least a few more, I fish this bait more than almost any other bait, but only use one color TW carries. Greenpumpkin Chartreuse tail is great good.

From: Sam: WI

Comments: won big fish and came in 3rd at the junior TBF at New Johnsonville June 2nd using it on a shaky head

From: Lawson: Covington, TN

Comments: Amazing bait, works well for many different species and almost all season long. If I had to choose one bait for bass fishing it would definitively be this one!

From: Bradley: Montreal, Canada

Comments: Yum F2 Dinger=Yamamoto Senko The only thing they need to do is come up with the Watermelon Laminate Cream

Comments: These baits are awesome wacky rigged the best color is green pumpkin neon which Cajun neon is basically the same but I also have chartreuse pepper but TW doesn't carry it :(

Comments: These are our goto baits in South Africa. Problem is we have different bait fish to the US and need the old colours like Mardi Gras and Watermelon Gold. Come on Yum bring back some of the old colours in the F2 Package

From: Barry: PMB, South Africa

Comments: Best colors are the bama magic and melon pie the bass love these colors bama magic in the fall when the crawfish in the pond molting and the melon pie in the summer  that what works for me  also the bream color would be good to but will buy more maybe going to try out some green pumpkin later on .  best rig I like to use is the wacky style 1/0 gamakatsu wicked wacky hook and a strictly bass keeper  aka Twh doesn't carry them but I just ordered it off there website , I wish they would carry them thoubut  they would better then an O -ring .

From: Erik: IL

Comments: I love these things. When eveybody in my club is throwing Senkos, I'm throwing Dingers and catching plenty of fish. Largies and Smallies pound these things. I haven't found a color that doesn't work. The only thing I see is they sink a touch slow than GY's Senkos. Wacky rigged, Texas, with or with out weight you can't go wrong.

Comments: dingers are great. caught my PB largemouth, 8 lbs 9 oz in ontario canada on these. the F2 stuff sounds like a gimmick to get people to keep buying the stuff, but im guna be honest it works wayyy better. i was fishing with my dad at a lake in canada and the bite slowed, and i had a YUM orginal dinger in half bama bug, and my dad was using the YUM F2 dinger in the same color and he pulled in 4 bass (4 lbs 2 oz was biggest) in 15-20 minutes and i had none.

From: Kurt: NJ

Comments: Great bait! I caught my PB with a GY Senko but these work just as good and are economical.

From: Kieran: Howell, MI

Comments: ive used ytamamto strike king and bass pros stick baits and i love the fishing style so i figured i would use yum because ive used other f2 products  and im glad i did i got the junebug color and i caught 2 6lbers 1 8 and tons  of 1 or 2 lbers

From:  Ben

Comments:  Love this bait! caught so many largemouths wacky rigging this bait with a small gamakatsu. great alternative for you senko guys cause they work just as well, have great action, and are a lot less expensive! i promise these wont let ya down.

From: Bass Nightmare: OH

Comments: these are an awesome alternative to senkos and in my opinion a bit better the senkos can get very costly

From: Candlewood, CT

Comments: very very good i love the dinger texas rigged

From: Charlie: Kansas City, MO

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