The Yum F2 Mighty Bug is a creature bait in a class of its own.  Combining four short swimming legs with two long, flailing craw appendages, it also has a segmented body that adds an undulating action.  Infused with one of the most effective attractants on the market, each bait is loaded with Yum’s F2 Attractant. This highly potent formula was clinically tested by Mississippi State University, and it was shown that bass prefer it by 30% over other leading attractants.  Texas-rig it, Carolina-rig it or throw it on a jig trailer, the Yum F2 Mighty Bug is the creature bait bass anglers have been looking for - and its available in multiple sizes and colors to target a variety of conditions.

Length Quantity
3" 10
3-3/4" 8
4-1/2" 6

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is another winner from Yum! It has a flutter and glide similar to the Yum Wolly Bullee, but with a little more subtle action from the extra legs. I use it on a 4/0 TroKar SBH and a 1/8oz bullet, pegged or unpegged. The legs give the craw great stability so you don't get line twist like with some beaver baits that don't have legs. Cajun Neon, a dark wtrmelon red flake, or Ultima Craw, grn pump & chart. are good, but almost any Yum color will get bites.

From: Ed: Champaign, IL.

Comments: My favorite bottom dragging bait....caught more fish on this in 2011 and 2012 than anything, including a couple tournament wins. Seems to work for both smallmouth and largemouth equally well, especially in rock. My favorite way to fish it is on a Biffle Hardhead.

From: Brian: Oak Forest, IL

Comments: Great Bait. I use the 4.5, and 3.5 with good results on a 1/2 oz to 1 oz jig. Rig one up weightless and use like a Buzz-bait. Hold on!

From: Rusty

Comments: This bait has produced a lot of late summer bass for me. The F2 scent, in my opinion, is the best out there. These even outfish the powerbait scent which I didn't think was possible to do. I like to fish them texas rigged. The bass can't help but inhale these! Highly reccommend!

From: Mike: Pittsburg, KS

Comments: This is my go to jig trailer. I cut the top joint off and thread it to a 3/8oz jig and it works perfect. The paddle pincers work good for a football jig but for me, I get the majority of my bites using as a swim jig.

From: TX

Comments: This bait is great for flippin and pitchin. The Yum F2 scent is the best scent out there and this bait has a great action. This bait is the ultimate jig trailer. I had this bait in cajun neon.My favorite bait no question.

From: Matthew: Port Barre, LA

Comments: This is by FAR the best bait i have ever used. So much action even waitless. I use the 3" on all my jigs. And the main thing they catch BIG bass! P.S. if you liked the YUM Wully Bully you will love this.

From: Preston: IL

Comments: This lure has a great subtle action while in free fall.  Some baits like rage tails and paca craws can give off a little to much movement in certain situations and that's when this bait really shines.  Only down side is the durability is a little lacking but you'll have that with almost any flipping/pitching soft plastic.

From: Adam: South East Missouri

Comments: This is an awesome looking lure in the water. It has A LOT of action! It's great as a jig trailer or texas rigged.

From: Ryan: Sinking Spring, PA

Comments: This F2 stuff is for real, tested it against other type lures and it out fished every lure and attractant I used against it. This is a great smallmouth lure.

From: Vince: Jamestown, TN

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