Big bass look at the Yum F2 Mightee Worm like a hungry pilgrim looks at Thanksgiving dinner. Measuring in at 10.5" in length, it presents a massive profile in the water, and with F2 attractant infused during the molding process, it gives of a strong scent trail that bass can't resist. Created for power shaking on Edwin Evers' Yum Pumkin Ed Standup Jig Head, it's also a great choice on a Texas-rig, Carolina-rig, or even a Wacky-rig. Available in a range of colors, the Yum F2 Mightee Worm will give you the chance to catch the bass of your life.

Length Quantity
4" 16
6" 12
10.5" 5

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Product as stated by others are not good for drop shotting nor texas as plastic are not durable. I believe that goes with any other brand of plastics.  There is only one style and technique I use with worms and that is neko rig.  I did it to this one and it works like wonder.  Since this worm sinks and not float well it is also best for wacky stylist. 

From: David: MN

Comments: I bought 10.5" thinking the tail will float up since it was designed for shakey head but the tail does not float. If you are looking for a large worm to do shakey head and want the tail to float buy the Xcite version.

From: Soua: Florence, Kentucky

Comments: i really like this bait i just got it i already have several fish but there is only one bad thing about it and that is not all of the worms float very good for shakey heading but i would recomend this.

From: Jacob: Lacrosse, WI

Comments: This is Yum's version of the Xcite Maximus, I'm sure it will work fine as T-rig throwing it in the weeds or if they are hitting it on the way down but if you are fishing it as a large shaky head worm I reccomend the Xcite bait because it floats as opposed to this one that will lay on the bottom.

From: Robert: MI

Comments: Wife bought me a couple of packs to try.  They don't float as good as I thought they would from looking at the video. Been fishing with a bait from Xcite Baits for a couple of years that looks very similar. I believe its called a Maximus.  They even have a similar jig head too.  Not very impressed with the Yum products, I'll stick with the original from Xcite Baits.

From: Lance: Kentucky Lake

Comments: The worm floats well and is very light in the water. This is a very big worm but still has good action in the water. My only problem is that I have had four good bites with the worm but haven't been able to catch the bass yet. I believe because it's so big, you have to wait longer to set the hook. I really like these worms but would like them more if I was able to land the fish. Nice selection of colors! hopefully I can land some bass and tell everyone if waiting longer works!

From: Tom: N. Charleston, SC

Comments: they olny last for about 2 fish then the hole strips out and then you have to glue ir melt it back together...but they work great on a texas rig.

From: Craig: IL

Comments: I ordered 8 packs of these to fish with a wobble head jig. The only problem is them dont seem to float and stand straight up like the video shows. It s still a good liking bait but i am a little disapointed because it want stand up.

From: S. TN

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