When bass want a craw but shy away from big, clumsy versions, the Yum F2 Money Craw is your answer.  Featuring the same slender body as the original with two big claws that give it a slow and erratic descent, the F2 Money Craw is now also infused with Yum’s new F2 Attractant.  This highly potent formula was clinically tested by Mississippi State University, and it was shown that bass prefer it by 30% over other leading attractants.  Perfect pitched and flipped on a Texas-rig or as a jig trailer, as well as a deep water Carolina-rig bait, the Yum F2 Money Craw’s flailing claws produce plenty of water displacement and the F2 attractant seals the deal.

Length Quantity
3-3/4" 8

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: ive been using these baits for years,back when =they painted eyes on and they ewere in the blister pack, but now with the f2 scent theyre even better. I fish my local lake with awders and I like to fish em tex or florida rig, or just weightless. I cast out as far as I can and I just walk the shoreline the oppsisite direction of my cast. I let it hit botton and drag it along down there doing what I call foot trolling. just kills em. so does the f2 lizard with the boottail. dragging it on the silty bottoms makes puffs of silt and makes the fish take notice, and by the time they see it they are striking

From: Nick: Avon, MA

Comments: Bought a couple packs of these baits almost half a year ago  never tried them until the other day it was a tough bite so I dug around in my bag and pulled one of these out and started smoking the fish ever since that day ive Ben fishing this bait and out fishing every other craw great bait I would  highly recommend this bait to anyone looking for a good flipping bait

From: Sam: LA

Comments: ok so i bought  pack of these cause the description said they where good for post front conditions, 2 days after i rcived the package it just so happened that it was a post front conditions and i was not catching anything then i had remembered i had bought these so i pop one on with a 3/0 gama superline hook and a 1/4 ounze tungsten and skipped them way under docks and brush on a rocky shoreline and pulled them out in a pop,drag,pause (3-5 seconds) and repeat cadance and pulled out a 15 fish day from my kayak. i used a cradad colour

From: Shawn: Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada

Comments: Not my usual choice of bait or brand, but after noticing a fellow angler pulling for it..quite quickly I might add.. I was a bit intrigued, an knowing he averages 6-10lb bass every outing, I had to purchase!!!  @ first look I was a bit weary, but the day after purchase I landed four bass back to back. All fish caught within 10min time, an the smallest being a 2lb. biggest being 5lb. What else could you ask for?!!? These baits are as advertised, MONEY!!!

From: Louie: San Jose, CA

Comments: This is a great stand alone Texas rig bait or as a jig trailer

Comments: This bait tends to spin a little if weightless and slow retrieved. Works pretty good on a big jig as a trailer tho. They hold together pretty well too.

Comments: ive only caught a couple fish on these and im not very impressed.... try the sweet beaver, paca craw, or rage lobster... those will catch you fish!

From: Matt: Carbondale, IL

Comments: great bait legs kick really good  just put it on a jig and swim it pitch it or flip

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