The Yum F2 Salleemander swims like a lizard and constantly releases one of the most effective scent attractants on the market.  Featuring Yum’s F2 Attractant, this highly potent formula was clinically tested by Mississipi State University, and their research showed that bass prefer F2 by 30% over other leading attractants.  It four little swimming legs kick wildly and the tail knob causes the body to undulate back-and-forth in a realisticc swimming motion.    Bulky enough to throw weightless over grassbeds, the Yum F2 Salleemander really comes to life on a Texas- or Carolina-rig.

Length Quantity
6" 8

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Customer Reviews

Comments: this bait is awesome durable and catch big bass anywhere

From: Preston: Tecumseh, OK

Comments: This lizard has some great action in the water with the bass in my pond they just kill the lizards . I have 2 packs one in bama magic and ultimate craw , the bama magic has to be the best color . All i do is texas rig it weightless with a 4/0 or 5/0 Gamakatsu superline ewg hook and swim it then let it fall twitch my rod tip and when I see my line moving or feel a bass pulling I set the hook and just start reeling  .  With line I mostly fish braid but went with 8lb trilene 100% Fluororcarbon in green tint and a spinning reel with a 6.2:1 gear ratio also the rod is a 7ft st croix truimph rod this combo . Great bait and do recommand you buying this lizard to be honest I used 1 lizard out of the 6 pk and caught 4 bass with out the bait falling apart so good job Yum keep making good baits.

From: Erik: IL

Comments: In a lake with some of the pickiest bass I have ever met, this bait was the only thing yielding any results. A definite for any bass fisherman.

From: Dan: Shorewood, IL

Comments:  Super bait! Swims very well and stays on the hook even when bumping it through cover.  The bait has a little weight to it which makes it easy to through on heavy baitcasting gear.  I'll buy many more.

From: Luke: Lake Charles, LA

Comments: great lizard,it has alot of salt and a good smell which makes the bass hold on longer!!!!!!! I personally recomend this bait to any bass angler!!!!

From: Moose: Michigan, USA

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