A finesse fishing dream - the Yum F2 Shakalicious Worm features a small-diameter ringed, tapered body with soft plastic tentacles forming a sort of skirt at the top of the worm.  Rig it on a round ball head jig and you get the best of both worlds - the action of a finesse worm and the bulk of a small jig.  Its also loaded with Yum’s F2 Attractant. This highly potent formula was clinically tested by Mississippi State University, and it was shown that bass prefer it by 30% over other leading attractants.  Available in multiple colors, the Yum F2 Shakalicious Worm is a great choice for clear water and tough fishing conditions.

Length Quantity
5" 8

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I picked some of these up at Cabela's because they were on a big sale. Honestly these things are awesome. They are sweet for shaky heads and there is nothing like it out there. The only thing I have to mention is they are very skinny, so they can be kinda hard to rig.

From: Reece: USA

Comments: This my go to producer when all else fails on a tough bite.. Hands down the best finesse worm for a shakey head. Bama bug or watermelon flake and you can't go wrong! This is a year round bait!

From: Thomas: Holly springs , NC

Comments: hey guys i just wanted to stop by and say this bait WORKS! i have been fishing it for about two years now and i can honestly say it is one of my best producers when the bite gets tough.I normally fish it on a shakeyhead.

From: Landon: TN

Comments: Sick bait! Caught a 5lb Bass up at the Delta on this worm in watermelon red flake, rigged on an Owner shaky head on 6lb test. Im sold!!!

From: Ricky: Los Angeles, CA

Comments: this thing is awesome.. what i did was tore of the skirt part and used it to drop shot and caught a lot of bass doing that. i got watermelon red fleck,,, beast color

Comments: this lure is a fantastic for a shakeyhead. The skirt up front does a great job of hiding the lead head and adding action. If the skirt doesnt work dor you, you can always pull it off. the tail is very thin and quivers exceptionally. it doesnt last long but you can tell that just by looking at it.

Comments:  This bait is an awesome finesse presentation.  Rig them upside down for an awesome flair affect.  Worms are super skinny so they don't hold up for more than 1 fish, but the action makes them well worth it.    

From: Erik: Tucson, AZ

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