One of bass fishing’s most versatile and enduring baits just got better.  Featuring a super soft yet durable construction and tremendous action, the Yum F2 Tube is now loaded with Yum’s F2 Scent attractant - infused into every bait.  F2 (Ferocity Squared) Attractant was independently tested by Mississippi State University, and shown to be more than 30% more effective than other leading attractants.  Tie one on today - the Yum F2 Tube - available in multiple proven colors.

Length Quantity
4" 10

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: good tube bait, use it both in fresh and saltwater and rig it weedless.  Matt, try using a g-lock style hook and run it all the way thru the tube then skin hook it.  Works great, don't miss many fish and stays weedless.

From: William: Long Beach Ca, USA

Comments: I get bites on this tube but it's too stiff to get a decent hook set. I texas rig it and have yet to land a fish on this bait. Plenty of hits on it though.

From: Matt: Calmar, IA

Comments: One of my favorite tubes. When everything else is failing, I can always get some hits off these tubes. I am not going to say it is my favorite tube, but I always have these in my tackle box.

From: Mike: Winona, MN

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