The Yum F2 Wooly Bug combines the best characteristics of various flipping and pitching baits to create a bait that bass can’t resist. Now it also features Yum’s F2 Attractant - one of the most effective attractants on the market.  Flip it into cover, shake it, hop it and get ready -- the Yum F2 Wooly Bug gets bit. Its large, ribbed body displaces a ton of water, the pincers add to the lifelike profile, and the Beavertail provides an action bass haven't seen before.  The F2 Attractant is also infused into the bait - providing a long lasting scent trail everywhere it is cast.  Available in several proven colors, the Yum F2 Wooly Bug with F2 Attractant gives bass the one-two punch they never saw coming.

Length Quantity
3.25" 12
4.25" 8

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Caught a BUNCH of fish on these baits pitching to just about anything. Best attribute is durability. I generally get around 4-5 fish out of one, even when pitching into heavier cover. Flat profile makes them easy to skip, which is true of all beaver baits, but this one will take the abuse from that. Fantastic as jig trailers, and again, you wont be ripping many. Try a light weighted swimbait hook on this one for a really erratic, unique fall that rivals a tube.

From: Scott: TX

Comments: bought several packs of these on sale even though i never fished them before. i love the scent and action but they are impossible 2 fish they split after 2 casts. u cant pitch a bait into grass and brush with the hook sticking out. yum needs 2 go back and change their formula.

From: Dan: NC

Comments: great action, way better than the sweet beaver that just falls with not much flap of the beaver tail or anything, this one flaps and waves. But the durability, with a straight shank flipping hook not enough plastic to hold the hook point, and with a wide gap texposed it ends up splitting. Flip this into grass and work it and pull it out its slid down the hook, and split down the middle. I went through 4 of these flipping grass before even getting a bite, no durability at all, expected more from yum. I'm sticking with the devil spear, pit boss, and zoom z hog

From: Ben: FL

Comments: this bait is amazing for flippin docks and down trees. my go to bait can catch fish in almost any situation highly recomended just wish the YUM stuff was as well priced as the HAVOC Pit Boss that catches fish really well also.

Comments: this bait WILL catch fish junebug color is great for year-round use in stained water.they tend to tear easy.but you can catch a few fish on them. i havent tried the F2 stuff but i bet this works just as good and its cheaper. tight lines folks...

From: Dylan: Smalltown, USA

Comments: I cant belive im the first to comment on these wonderful baits. i have had these for 2 days and have caught 11 bass off of them one of them happen to be a 6 pounder. Thank you Yum for making such amazing baits

From: Billy: USA

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