A flipper’s dream bait, the Yum Wooly Bullee presents a substantial profile, while its narrow width provides an erratic glide, and its ridged claws flail frantically - creating tremendous water displacement and action. Its also infused with Yum’s new F2 Attractant, this highly concentrated formula was clinically tested by Mississippi State University, and it was shown that bass prefer it by 30% over the leading attractants. It doesn’t matter if you’re flipping flooded brush, pitching to docks in clear water or working a brush pile near a channel edge, the Yum Wooly Bullee is a bait bass can’t resist.

Length Quantity
3.5" 8

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Customer Reviews

Comments:  Idk if its just CT or what, but this bait just doesn't produce that much for me, shocking reading all these stellar reviews, it does have a good action and heavily salted, so i just dont see why it doesn't work, i've tried swim jigs football jigs flippin cover, i just don't get bit too often with this like i do other craw imitations

From: Stephen: Manchester, CT 8/30/14

Comments: Positives: Great action. Great scent. Great size and shape AMAZING descent.. throw a light weight on it.. and it slowly wiggles to the bottom
Negative: Due to the slightly slim profile. I do go threw many of these. Lasts only a few bass. This is a staple in my tacklebox. They catch fish. You won't be disappointed. Period.

From: Mike:Rochester, MN

Comments: I love this bait as a trailer, primarily on football jigs.  I'll have bass come up and just nip at the pincers.  It also has very good action.  Right up there with the Chigger Craws for best trailer.

From: Ethan: Charlottesville, VA

Comments: This really is a great bait, I wish they made a bigger one, about the size of a horny toad.

From: Albert: Oregon

Comments: Great craw / beaver style bait. The claws have a realistic flutter as you reel in, but stop on the glide just like the real thing. I have had no problem pithin' to cover; it comes through fine. They are soft enough for bass to hold, but durable enough to get at least 3-4 fish. I use a 4/0 Trokar sbh on 1/8oz bullet. Peg the sinker to reduce line twist.

From: Ed: Champaign, IL.

Comments: a couple years ago, I was using a finesse jig with a great trailer, but I couldnt remember what trailer I was using, and then I was cleaning out my tackle and found the empty bag, and I remembered it was these. I dont know what worked so good, maybe the plastic, scent, or the action. It was probally a mix. I liked to use the summer craw collor on a 7/16 oz green pumpkin chompers eraser jig ( too bad TW doesnt supply them, best jig ever). The only problem is that they would rip up, and would only last 2 fish, but if you can get 2 2.5 lbers in 7 casts it is well worth it. Thanks YUM and TW!!!!!

From: Mitch: WI

Comments: This bait is not good for flipping....it's just a little to bulky but it's best for putting on a jig for a trailer is my favorite.

From: Matt: Dallas, TX

Comments: ausome bait in crawdad color throwing on a texas with a 1/4 ounce tungsten bullet weight. catch alot of fishing swimming it and letting it fall.

From: Tecumseh, OK

Comments: great bait for flippin and as a trailer first day put it on a 2/o gamkatsu wide gap with a 1 4th ounce bullet weight and caught 8 bass including a 6 pounder in a pond

From: Brock: FL

Comments: This bait is awesome. producing a lot of fish with these flipping laydowns,wood,docks and punching. black neon kills it

From: Kelvin: MN

Comments: great flipping bait

From: Marquel: Upland, CA

Comments: Bait is to soft & rip's up quick. Good lookin & catches fish.

From: KZ: Herrin, IL

Comments: Yum has produced a awesome bait bass just love them especially in the ultimate craw, watermelon red flake and the black grape chartreuse colors. Has good action on the fall bass bite and want let go with the F2 attractant infused in the bait how can you go wrong. THANKS YUM for F2

From: Ed: Rocky Mount, NC

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