The Yum F2 Yumphibian never stops moving. Featuring a slender body to help it get in and out of heavy cover easily, its two big flappers, long curly tails, and additional appendages create a tremendous commotion in the water. Supercharged with Yum's F2 fish attractant scent as well, F2 is proven to be 30% more effective than the leading fish attractant. Pitch it, flip it, or work it deep, the Yum F2 Yumphibian is a whole new species of creature bait.

Length Quantity
4.5" 10
5.25" 8
6" 6

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: quickly replacing the yumphibian as my go to creature.. started out using it as a trailer on my jigs. cutting it under the arms and rigging it small like that.. Today i tied them on a shaky head and absolutely killed it.. I would say it worked as effective as a yamamoto senko. which if you ask me is the number one soft plastic there is.. these things are deadly. I cant tell you why, because honestly I think other creature baits actually look better in the water. such as the yumphibian. But this thing catches fish.. Throw em on a 3/16 oz shaky head, let em stand up, give em a twitch, and hold on.

From: Mike: MA

Comments: use these as trailers on my jigs.. the very best creature/trailer out there. the fish destroy them on the drop because the legs look amazing.. if your not fishing these, your missing out.

From: Mike: MA

Comments: Amazing, the best creature in the world. When action, profile, scent, and of coarse presentation come together, magic happens! The best bait for bedding largemouth. Not that it's bad for smallies, I just never tried it. I tried strike king's "brush hog bait" for a bedding bass, and no response at all, tried this and he whacked it. I am not sponsored by yum, but I wish I was, cause' their baits are simply the superior brand. If I EVER go pro my first call is to them

Comments: spinning reel combo caught this bass he weighted 1lb 7oz hook was a 4/0 gamakatsu ewg hook and a new bait 5 " yum f2 yumphibian ( okeechobee craw ) it like a brush hog bait . Love this new bait . thanks Yum F2 for making this .

From: Erik: Shorewood, IL

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