Extremely versatile, the Yum Money Frog can be buzzed along the surface, waked just below, Texas-rigged and flipped or even used as a jig trailer. Featuring paddle-like feet that produce an enticing water disturbance and tantalizing vibration, the Yum Money Frog also benefits from highly detailed frog patterns and exclusive 3D red eyes for added fish attraction. A unique belly slot also aids in proper rigging and an increased hookup ratio. Yum recommends rigging the Yum Money Frog with a 5/0 Wide Gap Hook for the best results.

Length Quantity
3.75" 4

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Plain and simple, to expensive. Better than the gambler toad but not better than the stanley ribbit.If you end up buying them cheap than it's a good deal.Rig it on a owner twistlock 5/0 1/8oz hook.

From: John: St. Cloud, FL

Comments: i cant believe all the bad reviews. take this from me. i was using regular frogs got hits the first couple days and then the bite started to go down. so i picked this up. caught tons of fish and the hook up was great. i jigged it sub surface and still caught fish. pike too. only bad thing is that it would roll, but i would still get a hook up so as long as you have a sharp hook dont worry about the rolling. big problem is that its $8 and after every fish the lip rips and i cant rig it again. although it still is worth it when the bite is bad.

From: Josh: USA

Comments: First of all I want to say i really like Yum Baits...  With that said This bait,,,  Not so good... 

From: Mike: Simsbury, CT

Comments:  Zero problems with this frog, skips great, cast great, caught alot of fish on them. Durable.

From: Trey: Athens, AL

Comments: not a good frog. it tends to roll over even when rigged correctly

From: Colby: Pace, FL

Comments: Ill have to second Andrew, This is by far the worst frog i ever came in contact with. A shame because the buzz frog they offered before worked wonders

From: Big Smallies: Sykesville, MD

Comments: The worst frog I have ever used. The action is really bad. The rage toad and the Stanley ribbit frog have way better action.

From: Andrew: Germantown, MD

Comments: This is a great product that YUM has come out with. I tend to use a lot of YUM soft plastics and like anyone who has used any of their products know that they catch fish. However you seem to be replacing them/buying new one more frequently than you would like. Anyways, that's another story. The bottom line with this product is that is catches fish. The frog has great action but the two flaws it has are once u put a 5/0 hooks in it does not float. Also the durability is okay. Ull catch your 5 or 6 fish one each frog. Overall great product.

From: Alex: Erie, PA

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