Throw the weedless Yum Money Hound anywhere you would toss a frog bait or a Texas-rigged soft plastic. Weedbeds, thick brush or over limbs and dock cables - it doesn't matter, the Yum Money Hound is a soft-plastic topwater that can be thrown virtually anywhere. Made from an exclusive floatant material that allows it to "walk-the-dog" just like a classic spook-style hardbait, the Yum Money Hound also benefits from a multi-step hand-painting technique that delivers incredible baitfish and frog patterns. Featuring a belly slit for quality hooksets and easy rigging, the Yum Money Hound is an innovative soft spook with added versatility. Yum recommends rigging the Money Hound with an Xcalibur Tx3 5/0 Wide Gap Hook for maximum effectiveness.

Length Quantity
3.5" 4
4.25" 4

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Many good rigging comments below.  I'll add that use an 8/0 Owner Beast Twistlock, and to help with roll-over, I sometimes insert a nail head on the back end so it rests tail down in the water -- kinda like a Skitter Walk.  I tried several rods to get this to walk right.  It ended up on a 7'2" Shimano Clarus MH Fast.  Expect some trial and error dialing this one in, but it's worth it, 'cause once your set-up is good to go, it's a great thing to be able to walk the dog through slop.  Like others said, use braid or it's gone.  As with a frog, fish tend to miss this bait, so I expect to follow often with a tube, senko, etc.

From: Brian: Los Gatos, CA

Comments: When I used this bait, it had some pretty good action. No Lucky Craft action, but it worked well. I  absolutely love the idea. But, I just feel like there are lures that will work better.

From: Tristen

Comments: Well hunter clearly you dont no what your doing so keep your comments to yourself

From: Patrick

Comments: awful thats all

From: Hunter: USA

Comments: To people having problems with hook ups ect. Follow the soft plastic swimbait rule of having the hook be twice the width of the bait being used. I go even bigger than suggested. And the rod and line your using makes a huge difference. 7' / MH / F and some hefty at least 30Lb plus braid. Also making a small cut at the backside of where the hook penetrates on the back will help it slide through easier, I also keep a small bottle of olive oil in my bag its neutral scented and helps to lube the hook slot, if anything the oil will spread that scent and I do skin the hook thats just me though. I do these small things and have no problem getting them hooked well even bass that shouldnt even attempt to eat a bait that size.

Comments: This Money Hound is one of the best top water I have ever used! Most success with the Black Lab color. Its true the quality of the plastic is not the greatest, but you can rig it backwards or sideways and I still have bass nailing it. The 3.5" is the way to go for large mouth. Its recommended that the 4.25" is rigged with a 7/0 hook, which is hard to locate at local bait shops.  Just ordered some off Tackle Warehouse. Money Hound definitely beats frogs any day.

From: WI

Comments: these baits are great they have the action a zara spook would have but u can throw it places u wouldn't be able to throw a spook. And I don't know what ur talking about when u say it has a bad hook to land ratio I have no problem landing the fish that bite my yum money hound u must not be waiting long enough for them to take it

From: Jon: USA

Comments: i hate these things. im a huge fan of YUM baits but this thing doesnt work for me. its how they package them that makes them run terribly.

Comments: i've used this bait on a few occasions, and as some people have already mentioned, the durability and hookup ratio are lacking.  it does walk the dog pretty well but its not soft enough for the fish to grab and hold.  of about 8 strikes i only could hook one, where my buddy was fishing a "sawamura one up shad" and his hookup ratio was much higher because of profile and softness. there are times where this bait is great, like when i need a weedless, floating topwater that stays in the strike zone awhile, so it has found a home in my tackle box.

Comments: This bait works for its intended purpose. I would even say that it works well. Rigging it is a little tricky - you definitely need to play around with it to get it just right. The hook needs to barely poke through the skin of the bait. You also need to use a knot that'll discourage it from rolling over. I use a loose loop through the eye of the hook (I.e. like you'd tie on most top-water baits). I've used the 'black lab' and 'hot dog' colors successfully. I don't throw this bait a lot b/c they aren't as durable as most plastics (E.g. they tend to separate at the mold seams after getting hammered a few times by bass, or after repeated casts), BUT there are are certain scenarios where this is the ideal bait! This bait does work well, but it definitely has its issues, such as price and durability. That being said, I always have a pack in my kit. 

From: Shawn: Tampa, FL

Comments: First off, i have had some extreme success with this bait. The hook up ratio is less than perfect, but with the number of strikes this bait produced i really could care less. And to one of the reviewers below me, this bait really shouldn't  be considered a "walk the dog" bait, i fish this bait by just chuckin it out there and reeling it in, nice and easy, letting the bait do all the work.

Comments: good bait. and for anybody not hooking up heres a little tip..... dont rig it completl weedless, let the hook be a little bit exposed and def dont skin hook it after you rig it up. i haent had a problem with hookups.

Comments: I have a similar problem.  Love the bait and the weedless aspect. I have had numerous hits and large fish after it, but have never been able to get a hook in any of them.  It's truly frustrating.

Comments: the 3.5" called up a ton of large mouth bass but i have yet to hook one - rigged w/ a 5/0 ewg and pausing like a normal frog as well as reeling until tight produced no results - i even tried hollowing it out around the hook which helped with the stiffness and still allowed walking action - but still no keepers. if i can figure this out it will be an awesome bait !!!!
any  suggestions ?????

Comments: The thought of a weedless walk the dog gave me an urge to try these baits. Finally got em and boy was i let down. They walk side to side good but once u start movin ur rod they constantly roll over. idk maybe i rigged em wrong but they are not worth buyin.

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