Yum Vibra King Tube - $2.99

The most unique oversized tube on the market, YUM Vibra King Tubes are fully injected for excellent product consistency. The fine ribs create a unique feel and vibration and this bait also features a solid head for added durability and use with a Florida-rig weight. Fish it on heavy line and punch it through the grass or pitch it in the bushes. Either way this tube will produce. A great bass fishing lure.

Tube Jig Heads

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3.5" 8
4.25" 8
Black Blue Flake
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Yum Vibra King Tube

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  • Black Blue Flake
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  • Black Neon
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  • Green Pumpkin
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  • Pumpkin Pepper Green Flake
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Comments: THE BEST tubes ever made. They have a solid head so the sink which is perfect, plus they are very durable and will catch any fish you throw it at!

From: Billy: NJ 5/12/15

Comments: this is hands down the best tube you cn find. went up to ontario and caught like 100 bass a day on this thing. i like to texas rig it, but im sure it would be effective rigged other ways.

From: Kurt: NJ

Comments: This tube bait is absoulutely amazing, i was cathcin multiple fish off of one bait, use it to bed fish, or go deep with it, very versatile bait.

Comments: This is my go to bait when the bite is tough, holds up to multiple fish

From: Rob: Navarre, FL

Comments:  I caught my biggest bass of the year yo yoin this tube through weed beds in deep water with stained water and 53 degree water temp great bait.

From: Hurricane, Utah

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