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Yumbrella Double Up Rig - $3.99

Why throw only one lure when you can throw two? The YUMbrella Double Up Rig allows you to fish any two lures - or any combination of different lures - at the same time! The Double Up Rig is a rigging tool rather than a lure, designed to provide an endless amount of rigging options. Utilizing quality components, the YUMbrella Double Up Rig’s stainless steel wire has been heat-treated for added durability.

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Yumbrella Wire Length
Double Rig 5.5" 

Comments: Rig up two Stanley Ribbits on this thing with some heavy braided line and this thing will be a deadly weapon on the potomac river

From: Dave: Erie, PA

Comments: great duoble up alabama rig good job yum its better than manns

From: NY

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Yumbrella Double Up Rig

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