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Incredibly lifelike with its anatomically correct profile and realistic detailing, the Yunique Baits G-Trout is a versatile swimbait that can be fished at any depth or water conditions. While resting on the bottom, the G-Trout’s specially designed head allows the bait to sit nose down while its tail angles up. The slightest movement brings the supple tail back to life, causing it to wag seductively and draw strikes from the wariest of bass.

When retrieved at high speeds, the body rocks back and forth, providing erratic tail movements and drawing vicious strikes. Unlike most swimbaits, the G-Trout also doesn't require heavy duty or specialized tackle. The Yunique Baits G-Trout weighs in at 3/4 and 1oz sizes and is available in hand-painted Light and Dark Trout Patterns.

Yunique Baits Length Weight
G Trout 6" 3/4oz
G Trout 6" 1-oz

Comments: I've used this bad boy the last 4 times I've been out and it gets a lot of action. My favorite  swim by far. . I got a 9 pounder on the 1oz trout. I'm fixin to buy a bluegill today. Speedy shipping. Best site for tackle.

From: Phil

Comments: Caught my personal best on this swim bait.(8.7lb) It has great action and the head even wobbles back and forth Definitely worth a try.

Comments: I've been fishing this for bait for about 2 months and have had better success fishing it with heavy gear rather than lighter gear. I use 70#braid to 20floro leader on an 8' broomstick. I fish it on the bottom like a spoon with a long cast. It gets bit pretty good. Don't forget your mend-it!

From: dl gtrout: DVL

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