Adding a new dimension to its legendary fish-catching capabilities, the Z Man Chatterbait Trailerz Series features an EZ Skirt with an extended TrailerZ tail section. When matched with the erratic action, flash and vibration of the Z Man Chatterbait, the TrailerZ Skirt produces an enticing, undulating action that is even more irresistible than the original.  Available in a variety of colors, the Z Man Chatterbait Trailerz Series is a great choice for fishing around heavy cover - providing the action of a crankbait, the profile of a jig, the flash of a spinnerbait - and now the added benefit of the long TrailerZ Skirt section.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Love me some chatterbait's perfect in the fall with a bit of wind going, Just caught a nice 22.5"  largemouth bass my biggest to date using black and blue! Its the chatter that matters!

From: Zach: Oskaloosa, IA

Comments: Great product!! Gets good fish in the boat even if the fish are slow. First time using this i caught a four and three. The only problem with these baits is the skirt seems to fall off after catching several fish. All in all i give it a 4 and half out of five.

From: Wall: Knoxville, TN

Comments: Big J likes the bluegill color!  Same great chatterbait with new delicious colors!  I don't care about the trailer part of the skirt, I cut those off so they don't interfere with the trailer I put on.  But I am a big fan of the new colors with this line.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

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