Z Man Scented Leechz 6pk

Z Man Scented Leechz 6pk

Built with Z Man’s proprietary ElaZtech plastic, the Z Man Scented 3” LeechZ offer an incredibly natural leech presentation that is loaded with Pro-Cure Super Gel Leech Scent – made from real ribbon leeches and fortified with amino acids. Thanks to the unbelievably buoyant nature of Z Man’s ElaZtech plastic, the Z Man Scented 3” LeechZ float off the hook when dropshotting, and stand up on a jig head for a lively action with very little effort. ElaZtech plastic is also stronger than any other plastics on the market, so you get more mileage out of each bait. The Z Man Scented 3” LeechZ have an ambiguous profile that makes them a great substitution for any technique requiring a worm, and catch fish even in non leech-bearing waters. “Sucker” big bass into biting with the flavorful power of the Z Man Scented 3” LeechZ.

Length Quantity

Do not mix ElaZtech baits with standard plastic baits.  

4 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Fished on a dropshot this bait is amazing for bass & panfish. Very durable & well worth the money

From: Max: PA 4/7/16

Comments: Fished the black on a drop shot today. Clear water, just after ice out & they were hammering it. Not even a good color for clear water, which shows that it has great action. The fact that it floats makes it awesome for drop shotting. When you dead stick it, it hovers and place and they just thump it.

From: Michael: IL 2/21/16

Comments: My new favorite Bitsy Bug trailer.  nine fish with one trailer with no sign of wear.  Looks cool on a dropshot, as well.

From: Papa: ID 6/26/14

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