The Z Man Toobz are the only tubes on the market that can float on the surface or stand straight up off the bottom. Z-Man's proprietary Elaztech construction also makes the Z Man Toobz 10X tougher and more durable than ordinary tubes. They resist nicks, cuts and tears, and that means you're likely to catch a lot more fish on an Z Man Toob before having to replace it. Elaztech also provides the Z Man Toobz with an incredibly life-like action and natural buoyancy. Available in a wide range of colors and salt impregnated to make fish hold on longer, the Z Man Toobz are ideal for flipping & pitching, dragging, hopping or sight fishing.

Do not mix Elaztech baits with standard plastic baits.

Tube Jig Heads

Length Quantity
4" 8

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Z-Man ToobZ separates itself from other tubes because of the buoyancy of the bait from the elaztech polymer. I fish it with a 3/32oz bullet sinker, bobber stopper, ceramic or glass clacker bead and 3/0 Trokar tube hook. The hook has a plastic bait keeper that works great with the tube. Zman ToobZ is also super soft and crushable, helping hooksets. Would like it if Zman offered a smaller version as well but the 4 incher is hard to beat.

From: Skip: DE 9/18/14

Comments: My problem with super plastics in the past included the plastic sliding down the hook, and the hook penetrating completely through the plastic on branches and cover.  The problem was almost completely solved by using a Paycheck punch hook.  The plastic keeper completely prevented the tube from sliding down the shank, and the hollow center helped prevent the hook from penetrating the plastic on cover.  I caught eleven bass on one toobz!  The hooksets were easy given the soft plastic with the punch hook. I now will use these for all of my flipping needs.  Highly recommended.

From: Brad: Hayden, Idaho

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