Now you can rig soft baits quickly and securely with the double-point Z Man Weighted Trigger Hook. Z Man's ingenious weighted opposing-point design is ideal for the majority of soft plastic baits, from worms to crawdads to swimbaits. The unique rubber grommets prevent baits from sliding on the hook and protects the knot from chafing.

To rig the Z Man weighted Trigger Hook, simply set the point of the smaller hook into the head of the bait and insert the larger hook through the body of the bait, either weedless or exposed. Slide the grommets against the bait to hold it securely in place. Tie the line/leader to the bend of the smaller hook, and you are ready to haul in the big ones!

Z Man Swimmerz

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Comments: Terrific Swim Bait Hook. Easy to rig. Makes changing baits a snap. Superior hook set. Can be used with many different baits. A all around winning hook.

From: Dwayne: Eugene, OR

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