Zappu Blading Pile Driver - $6.69

The Zappu Blading Pile Driver is a unique EWG weighted swimbait hook that enhances the presentation of your soft plastics with the help of a bright, dimpled willow blade. Attached using a premium swivel, the blade on the Zappu Blading Pile Driver rotates freely and with a wide flutter thanks to a slight bend at the rear end. To hold your soft plastics firmly in place, the Zappu Blading Pile Driver features a screw-lock bait keeper attached to the eye. Finished with a super-sharp hook point, the Zappu Blading Pile Driver delivers a brilliant presentation that will grab bass' attention when standard techniques fall short. 

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Zappu Blading Pile Driver

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  • Gold
    Size Stock Qty
    4/0 08/10
    5/0 5+
  • Gun Metal
    Size Stock Qty
    4/0 5+
    5/0 4
  • Silver
    Size Stock Qty
    4/0 08/01
    5/0 5+

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