The Zappu SasuSkirt Finesse Punch Skirt consists of a premium silicon skirt hand tied to a rubber insert. It flairs out nicely in the water, adding additional action and volume to your presentation, while also slowing down the rate of fall. A great choice for fishing thick vegetation, especially when you are still looking for more of a finesse presentation, the Zappu SasuSkirt Finesse Punch Skirt pegged above your hook actually helps your bait slip in and out of the mats with fewer snags and hangups.

2 per pack

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Works awesome on texas rig!!! TW GET MORE COLOR!! I really need green pumpking color and red color as I have to purchase it from different dealer for those

From: Toshiya: IL 4/8/14

Comments: Incredible little product! Allows you to add profile and the subtle movement a skirt befits to anything! On the line or on the shank of a hook / small jig, these things are stellar. If you fish texas rigs, you need to try these. Want to nab a kicker after catching a slew of dinks? Stick with your shakey head worm, but add one of these. Want to add a discrete profile enhancer to a smaller t-rigged swimbait? Add one of these.

From: Lenny "doggerz"

Comments: Firstly, this product shouldn't be relegated to being used as a punch-skirt exclusively. The skirt, being affixed to a silicone hub, can be poised over the shank of a hook, or even over barb-keepers (i.e. Title Shot, Mustad Power Lock, etc.). Have been using these for a while (JDM), and I can attest to the durability being great. It's a truly simple profile-enhancer to any Texas-rigged bait. You can also put one of these on the shank of any jig that is designed for Texas -rigging. With the SasuSkirt poised below a craw / creature bait on such a jig, if really caters well to emulating a crayfish. Give these a try.

From: Josh: OR

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