The Zerek Giant Ruby Crankbait is a beefed up cousin of the original Ruby crank. Armed with a larger bill, it dives quickly to depth, and offers a bigger profile for deep fish to hone in on. Its wobbling action creates quite a disturbance, and it’s heavy duty ABS construction means it can withstand the abuse of hard fighting fish and bouncing off of underwater obstructions. In addition to being super buoyant as well - to float up and of snags, the Zerek Giant Ruby Crankbait also features reinforced, super sharp treble hooks to make sure more bites translate into landed fish.

Zerek Length Weight Depth Class
Giant Ruby 3" 3/4oz 12-16ft Floating

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: For the price, you cannot beat this lure.  It runs true and deep.  Caught several big fish on this thing.  They certainly need a better color selection but I would take this lure at this price over many of the more expensive deep diving  baits on the market.

From: Peter: Cleveland, Ohio

Comments: Nice crank for the buck. Good hooks, good finish, good to go right out of the box for 5 bucks. two bass thumbs up!

From: Danny: Milan, TN

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