The Zip Baits Calibra is a new arrival to the US. Offering Japanese-made precision, the Calibra is a killer lipless crank, which utilizes advanced MZ-19 tungsten weights to create a loud, deep-toned sound as it ploughs through the water. Virtually weedless as well, its unique “knife-edge system” at the head of the bait helps it cut through grass and generate vicious reaction strikes. It also furnishes excellent castability, as well as, a wide wiggling action that fish can’t resist. Fine-tuned and honed on the crowded, highly pressured waters of Japan, the Zip Baits Calibra offers tournament caliber performance and an amazing level of detail that anglers in the US can appreciate.

Zip Baits Length Weight Class
Calibra 3" 5/8oz Sinking

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: These baits are amazing.  I'm glad to see they will be carried here.  I knocked them dead on a small reservoir near my house using the bluegill color.  Something about the wider wobble and single knocker sound just turned the bass on.

From: Greg: UT

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